A Complete Guide to Buy the Best Portable Toilet for Disabled and Elderly

Our senior citizens need care in their daily life. One of the most common problems they face while evacuate and urinate. The traditional toilet we use generally is terrible and challenging most of the time. On the other hand, disabled and injured people also face a similar problem. In such a case, a portable toilet is a useful, hygienic and easy solution to have sedative toilet experience. On this article, we will try to provide you a complete guide for buying the best portable toilet for disabled and elderly people.

best portable toilet for disabled and elderly
A portable toilet for elderly and disabled people is an essential tool for daily life

When do Elderly and Disabled People Need a Portable Toilet?

The situations in which elderly and disabled people need a portable toilet are those:

Unitary Infection: the unitary infections are very common but remain hidden long time. The symptoms are detectable when infection usually starts low in the urethra and moves up the urethras and into the bladder, and then goes to the kidneys. The main cause of the infection is urine overstaying. And most of the time, the senior citizens hold to urine for toilet phobia because of incompatible design for them or the distance of toilet from their bed. Having a portable toilet near the bed can saves them from such danger.

Fecal Inconsistency:  Fecal incontinence is the inability to control bowel movements. The condition can range from an occasional leakage of stool while passing gas to a complete loss of bowel control. The constipation when stools become hardened in the rectum. In Chronic Laxative Abuse, Diarrhea, Damage to sphincter muscles, rectal inelasticity are frequent with them. Those diseases make evacuation irregular. In such case, having a portable toilet can ease hassles.

Hemorrhoids: Hemorrhoids (HEM-uh-roids), also known as piles, the situation when bloated veins in anus and lower rectum cause bleeding or pain. In such situation, using general commode is uneasy. A portable toilet can manage the extra-problems in hemorrhoids.

Paralysis: Paralysis disrupts the bowel system and causes complications ranging from constipation to accidents. It is very important to understand the digestive tract and how to manage bowel complications to preserve health and quality of life. To ensure a comfortable toilet experience, a portable toilet can be the first choice.

Hemiplegic Stroke: When a stroke occurs to a person, it’s very necessary to arrange a better toilet system because the patient can’t move properly. A well designed portable toilet can ease the problem and supports the patient to have a relaxed toilet experience.

Check before Buying a Best Portable Toilet for Disabled and Elderly People

Mobility: Mobility is the first condition to choose a portable toilet for disabled and elderly people because it’s the main cause of having a portable toilet to the alternate conventional commode. An ideal portable toilet is super easy to move. There are some features what makes a portable toilet easy to move. Some of the portable toilets have wheels to move it. If they don’t have so, it could be foldable and light-weighted. For a paralyzed person, some portable toilets have an extra roller to sit on the chair.

Plumbing System: The plumbing system should be well-organized. Please check the bowel design, pipes, and empty issue. The best portable toilet produces very less odor. The toilet prevails odorless system is healthy and comfortable. Please check the commode and flushing options. Some of the portable toilets have just manual disposal option and others have automatic options.

Facilities: Depending on your budget please check what facilities like auto wheeler, auto disposal system or manual disposal system etc.

Durability and Hygiene: The surface of the product should be made of such element that can prevent producing bacteria and germ. And the product should have long lasting and high duty capacity.

best portable toilet for disabled and elderly
a multi-dimensional portable toilet chair courtesy: Lelong

Brands on Portable Toilet for Disabled and Elderly People

  • Sammons Preston
  • Gaintex
  • VIVE
  • Tulimed

Popular Portable Toilet Chair for Elderly and Disabled People

HEALTHLINE Commode Chair

It is renowned for its lightweight and fold-ability. This folding commode portable toilet seat easily folds and opens. Conveniently folds flat for easy transportation, travel, and storage. The deluxe 3 in 1 commode chair has a back rail that removes quickly and easily. 7.5 qt bedside commode bucket, splash shield, and cover are also included. There are five sizes you can pick the best one for you. Most of the customers rated 4 out of 5 stars. You can take it for the best convenience within your budget. As an elderly or disabled person needs the chair beside the bed to arrive fast, it’s the first choice for this purpose. Click here for the latest price.

Vive Stand Alone Medical Chair

Another top rated portable toilet for an elderly and disabled person.
The freestanding toilet rail is easy to assemble: no tools required. Handles can also be easily removed for convenient storage. Lightweight and durable, the frame is corrosion resistant, perfect for long term use. The toilet is such sustainable that the manufacturer provides a lifetime guarantee. Click here for detailed information and price.

Mefeir Folding Commode Chair

Mefeir Folding Chair is one of the most preferred chairs that offers great usability, relaxation and relevant facilities in your budget. Its adjustment method is simple and you can change the height by the choice. The chair is made by Aluminium that lasts a long time. Click here for detailed information and the latest price.

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24 x 22 x 7 inches

Adjustable legs allow seat to be raised or lowered in 1 inch increments, Seat height range is 15 inch - 21 inch (38-53 cm), 15 inch (38 cm) seat depth

Bedside commode, toilet safety frame, elevated toilet seat or over your existing toilet. 7.5 qt commode bucket, splash shield and cover are included

Cost: Medium

Customer Rating: 5 star

Safety rail base is a wide 26.5”, easily fitting in smaller bathrooms. Freestanding safety rails can be used with standard and elongated toilets or at the sink or vanity. The bottom rails are 19” deep, adding tip-proof stability to the frame

Supporting up to 300 pounds, the sturdy, stand alone toilet rail conveniently provides safety and security when sitting down or standing up in the bathroom. Perfect for the elderly, handicapped and for those recovering from injury or surgery, the rail prevents slips and falls for additional peace of mind.

Cost: High

Customer Rating: 5 star

3-in-1 multi-function, can be used as a bath chair, commode chair or ordinary sofa chair use..Dimension--(17.91 x 20.08 x 40)

Increase a hook to hold the toilet paper for your convinence.Add a side pocket to put your favorite book or magazine for spending the released time

Cost: Low

Customer Rating: 5 star

Smart Toilet: The Next Generation Solution!

Doctors ask patients questions about their bowel movements and other details (consistency, color, blood, and so on). We currently rely a lot on anecdotal information from patients or nurses, which seems bizarre in a world where other data is objectively collected with technology. Making matters more complicated, patients frequently can’t remember whether they had a bowel movement.

The problem appears more frequent for disabled and elderly people. But it’s crucial for clinical inspection. Elderly patients with dementia frequently go days without a bowel movement, putting them at risk for intestinal perforation and severe infection. Considering the problem, Sameer Berry, an emerging gastroenterologist writes the idea of Smart Toilet in CNBC.

The prominent feature of the toilet is that it can collect the records of unitary and evacuation activities daily.

The Wrap-Up!

Our senior citizens and disabled peoples are those persons we respect and care most. We should focus more to their health. To ensure an easier sanitation system for them, we can set a healthy and easy portable toilet.

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