Best Commercial Hand Dryer for Your Home: A Simple Guide to Start From

The cost of buying paper towels can be pretty high in the long run. This is especially true if you intend to use the towels in your bathroom. However, with modern technology shaping up really fast, paper towels could be a thing of the past, thanks to the use of commercial hand dryer even in homes.

Hand dryers are paperless and will help you save more both on the cost of paper and also on the overall cost of electricity. We have sampled up some of the best automatic hand dryer reviews to help you start off a new journey to modern designs.

Look at our reviews and grab the best hand dryer for your home today! They are simple to use and will leave you with the top toilet use experience.


5 Best Hand Dryer – Reviews


1. Blue Storm High Speed Hand Dryer by Palmer Fixture

Blue Storm High Speed Hand Dryer by Palmer Fixture


The Blue Storm High-Speed Hand Dryer tops our list. It is simple in design, highly compact, and extremely stylish.

What this means is, the dryer con work super well for modern homes with the latest designs always. Thanks to its infrared touch that makes it extremely easy to use.

The dryer is made of bamboo-derived material and thus is safe for the environment and also around your kids.

If you have a huge family, this hand dryer will works so well as it comes with a high speed technology that keeps the traffic off the bathroom in no time.


2. Household Hotel Automatic Infared Sensor Hand Dryer Bathroom Hands Drying Device

JDM Auto Lights Household Hotel Automatic Infared Sensor


Unlike the previous hand dryer design that we just saw, Household Hotel Automatic Infared Sensor uses no metallic imitations. Instead, it is designed with a high style material that guarantees ultimate durability.

The dryer has an infrared sensor with an automatic activation. You don’t have to hit a switch button to keep the dryer on or off. Once you are done with the use it goes off alone.

Even better, the casing by which this system has been built is not only durable but also highly shockproof.

You will enjoy quick hand drying experience while at the same time have a small and stylish compact dryer around your bathroom.


3. XLERATOR XL-BWX Automatic High Speed Hand Dryer with White Thermoset (BMC) Cover and 1.1 Noise Reduction Nozzle, 5.5 A, 277 V

 Automatic High Speed Hand Dryer

Like the other hand dryers that we have seen, XLERATOR XL-BWX automatic high-speed Hand Dryer is equally automated. It is compact and will fit quite well in your small bathroom.

More importantly, the dryers have a sensitive thermostat that makes it noiseless and less irritating than most hand dryers that you probably know.

The timing is superb and in less than 10 seconds you will have a completely dried palm with no bacteria or germs.

Thanks to the dryers quality, it meets GrenSpec standards and therefore very ideal for your homes and also your loved one’s use.


4. Alpine Hazel Automatic Hand Dryer | Hands Drying Device


For homes with more traffic, the Alpine Hazel Automatic ABS Polycarbonate Hand Dryer will do a good job too.

It is made out of ABS Polycarbonate material which makes it much more durable and pretty much long-lasting.

The hand dryer delivers a high-speed functionality that allows you to have 100% dry palms in no time.

If you are looking for good hygiene for your family, this speed functioning easy to install hand dryer will give you exactly that.

Save your money and get a cool touch with this sleek commercial hand dryer any day.


5. AjAir® (2 Pack) Heavy Duty Commercial 1800 Watts High Speed Automatic Hot Hand Dryer – Stainless Steel

High Speed Automatic Hot Hand Dryer

Finally to wrap off our designs is the AjAir® (2 Pack) Heavy Duty Commercial hand dryers. Coming in a set of two, this hand dryer pack is obviously the most affordable option.

It is equipped with a set of infrared rays that makes it really easy to use. The infrared rays trigger an induction system that gives the hand dryer an automatic touch once you pass your wet pals under it.

This hand dryer is for home owners who want an exceptional chip control system and an undisputed high speed motor for a fast dry.

The dryer will work in less than 10 second leaving you with a less contaminated germs free palm too.


What to Look at When Buying the Best Hand Dryer for Home

Buying the best hand dryer for your home is no-brainer really. With the best home toilet already installed this will be the simplest activity that you can actually embark on. In case you are choosing a hand dryer for the very first time, these simple tips will be of great help.


You need a hand dryer that is built to last. Typically, this should be a dryer that has a durable and high-quality shock-proof casing on top. Having a durable dryer means that you will easily get to enjoy the value of your money and also to have a good experience with your loved one’s over time. A stainless steel construction will be a big plus.


Hand dryers are supposed to take the smallest room possible. A compact design is, therefore, a very solid design to go with. Hand dryers are normally super ideal for small rooms and also big rooms. Make sure that what you are looking at suits your room without you noticing it around too.


Modern hand dryers are touchless. Such a design has installed sensors that will allow it to pick any wet limb that rushes past the sensor. The reason you need such a design is to minimize damage, prevent any forms of contamination, and above all that give you the best design technology for your home.


Because hand dryers are designed to be hanged against the wall, you need a design that is light enough to hang in there. Heavy designs will virtually break off and could force you to get a technician to fix it from time to time. This could milk your pocket and possible leave your coffers drained.


Since you have a hand dryer already installed in your home, you won’t need the paper hand tissues anymore. If this is the case, you need to know that like tissues, a hand dryer should also be pretty fast if you want the traffic to move. Finding a dryer that will work faster and dry off water faster is also very important.


The best hand dryer for home should be energy efficient. What this means is that it should be able to regulate the amount of energy that it uses. An automatic on and off technology will help you to do exactly this. This will also take down your utility costs by a bigger margin and above all that leaves you with enough money to maintain your hand dryer.


Why Use a Commercial Hand Dryer?

Commercial hand dryers will help you to dry up your hands once you have washed them easily. You won’t need hand wipes or tissues. All you need to do is brush over your wet hand and the drier will automatically jump into action.

How Does the Hand Dryer Keep Germs Away?

When you use an automatic hand dryer, for instance, you don’t have to touch any other dirty places anymore. Because this dryer uses a touch-less technology, it means that contact with dirty areas is minimized. Additionally, some of these dryers are also inbuilt with microbial technologies that will keep bacteria away.

How Does the Hand Dryer get Automatic Activation?

Hand dryers have in-built infra-red sensors in them. It allows you to get the best hand dryer noise comparisons and settle for top quality. It is this sensor that will pick your wet hand and automatically activate the dryer at any time.

How Long Does the Dryer Take to Make Your Hand Dry?

For most dryers, the duration will range between 10 seconds and 15 seconds. However, for the best models, you could have your hands dry in less than the 10 seconds (virtually in no time really).

Do I Really Need an Automatic Hand Dryer for My Home?

Well, maybe not! But if I were you, I would think otherwise. How much money do you use for paper towels in your home? This budget will be reduced to zero over the years once you install the best automatic hand dryer.

Additionally, the dryers are designed to be very much energy efficient. This means you will save more on electricity bills always.

With these best hand dryer reviews, you must now have a clue of what to look for when buying your next home dryer. Dryers are easy to install and won’t cost as much as installing a flush toilet.

You don’t have to worry about it. All you need to do is to pick the best hand dryer and get an expert technician to fix. It will cost you less money and eventually leave you with one of the best thrills for your home. It is simple and easy to work with for any home that needs the new technology.

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