Best Composting Toilet 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

If you are looking for the best composting toilet, you should look for the very best design. That means a design that will last longer and also allows you to get the best out of your composting toilet.

In many occasions and with many cool composting toilet designs gracing our shops, this might prove a bit of a challenge. That’s why you need the best composting toilet reviews to help. In this post, we have researched, tested, compared, and rated some of the top-rated composting toilets to make your work in choosing your best model easy.

As a fact we have sampled these toilets from hundreds more. Additionally, we have gone with designs, styles, and also user feedback to make our reviews more concrete. It’s no lie that every choice that we made here is the best!


5 Best Composting Toilet – Comparison


5 Best Composting Toilet – Reviews


1. Nature’s Head Dry Composting Toilet with Standard Crank Handle

Natures Head Dry Composting Toilet


You will definitely love the Nature’s Head Dry Standard Crank Handle Composting Toilet. The toilet is easy to use and has some of the best features that anyone who’s looking for the best composting toilet will need. It has a hand crank tech design at the base.

This is super cool and makes the composting process a fast and easy process. The toilet is user-friendly and can be easily used even with a first timer without any worries of getting it all wrong.

Nonetheless, it has an easy to install design that makes it a darling of many users. Thanks to its inclusive user manual. It also features a molded design that makes it a great piece if you intend to keep mildew, mold, and bacteria away. Molded designs are also easy to clean and will easily give you a plus if you love to keep your toilet as spotless as they come.

It includes a bottle cap to keep odors away, 12 volt power plug, and a 5 inch vent hose for waste management.

2. Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet with Close Quarters Spider Handle Design

Quarters Spider Handle Design


Next in line of the best composting toilet reviews is Nature’s Head Self Contained Spider Handle Composting Toilet. Like its sister before it, this toilet is highly efficient and will serve a number of people for up to 5.5 gallons of waste. The toilet is highly durable and comes with an all-round stainless steel hardware design that gives it a unique edge above other normal toilets.

Even better, it has an elongated seat design that gives you the utmost comfort when using the toilet at any time. Elongated designs also take less space thus giving you the perfect opportunity to have a cool toilet even in the tightest areas. And in case your composting toilet fills up, you don’t have to worry as the toilet disassembles in no time for quick emptying.

Don’t mind the odor as the toilet has a large vent hose and a fan too.


3.  Villa 9210 DC/AC Best Composting Toilet

Villa 9215 AC DC


The Villa 9210 DC/AC best composting toilet is not only unique but also has one of the simplest design models ever. The toilet is stylish and enjoys some of the most advanced composting toilet technologies. It is a self-contained model and needs no additions to function efficiently.

It is designed to work with a 12 volt DC power form both battery and also the power source. It comes with an AC adapter that works well for areas with electricity too.

The unit would make a great addition to a tiny home as it has a smaller fan that draw limited amount of air for tighter spaces. The toilet comes with two main compartments namely solid waste compartment and urine compartment. The solid waste compartment used a compostable liner bag that makes emptying the toilet an easy process.


4. Sun-Mar Excel Non-Electric Self-Contained Composting Toilet, Model# Excel-NE

Sun Mar Excel Non Electric Self Contained Composting Toilet


Apart from the three top-rated composting toilet designs that you have seen, we also found the Sun-Mar Excel Self-Contained Non-Electric Composting Toilet. The toilet comes in a lovely design which gives it an edge with people who love simplicity in a great style. It is a non-electric design which means it is super ideal for any applications off the main grid always.

The toilet comes with a compact design which also blends in well with any bathroom that you might want to use it in. Here is the best part. Like many other top composting toilets, this one also uses no water. Which means you won’t have to worry about having a messy environment.

It is eco-friendly and most users agree that its 100% non-polluting. More importantly, many users love it because it has a variable bio-drum diameter and a unique handle with a recessed touch that makes it easy to process compost.

5. Sun-Mar Model 510 Plus, 1 Pint Flush Toilet

Sun Mar Model 510 Plus One Pint Flush Toilet


Finally, the Sun-Mar Model 510 Plus, 1 Pint Flush Composting Toilet sums up our best composting toilets. It works almost as the same as the Sun-Mar’s Head Self Contained Spider Handle Composting Toilet but only with a slight difference. We would say that it is an improvement of the same and the only difference is in the material of construction.

While the other toilet featured an all-round stainless steel design, this one comes in a stylish molded design. It has a simple DIY installation procedure and enjoys a 5-inch vent hose that helps to keep any forms of odor at bay. The toilet also comes with a bottle cap that makes it easy to cover after use and keep the place looking tidy.

But that’s not all that this top rated toilet has to offer. It works well with a 12-volt power plug and will support both solar and electric power with the aid of an adapter.

At its best, the toilet’s hand crank agitator will easily hasten the rate of composting waste any day.


Why Use the Best Composting Toilet?

Like you will find out, electric composting toilets are some of the best toilets anyone can have. And the reason you should make use of them are quite a number. They include the following ones.

Save Water

Unlike conventional toilets that will consume up to 30% of your household’s water, the best composting toilets will help you to save much more than 6,600 gallons annually depending on your model.


Best electric composting toilets are also quite innovative in design. They are stylish, convenient, easy to carry around, and extremely compact. They are also EPA certified and that’s a huge plus on other toilets.


Composting toilets are also quite efficient. They will operate more like the normal composting systems by accelerating decomposition apart from leaving you with highly manageable waste materials.


Because of its ideal decomposing system, the final waste product from a composting toilet is often odorless. It is, more importantly, more like the commercial fertilizers that we buy over the counter and which we use for our backyard gardens, lawn, or farms.


In this section, we include some of the concerns that we realized many people harbor about composting toilets.

How Does a Composting Toilet Work?

Once you use the toilet, you don’t have to flush. Instead, you add carbon materials such as straw or sawdust. Temperatures in the chamber increases and kills all pathogens leaving bacteria and fungi to break down coarse elements.

How Long Do Composting Toilets Keep Odor Away?

If set up properly, any composting toilet review will tell you that these toilets can easily remain 100% odorless and highly hygienic from the very first day of use until the final day that you choose to empty the toilets.

What Should I Consider When Buying this Toilet?

User reviews are always a top consideration. The same applies to the pricing of the toilet and also the brand.

The idea of using a non-flushing toilet might easily put up the scar of having a stinking toilet in your cabin. The truth is you don’t have to anymore. Such memories are gone by the wind as these toilets are designed to keep your home 100% fresh!

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