Best Duravit Toilets 2021 Reviews : A Guide to the Smart Home Toilet Designs

Found in Hornberg, Germany, in the 1800s, Duravit Toilets have been some of the best home toilets for a very long time. Today they have cemented their position in the market as one of the major household brands and are known for high-end Duravit wall hung toilet among many other designs.

More importantly, the classical design that this toilet brand has constantly improved on has made it a force to reckon with. They design a whole toilet range with different purpose toilets to amp your needs.

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If you are looking for the best home toilet to go with, going with a Duravit toilet would be the best thing to do. However it could take you much time to find the best Duravit toilet to go with, that’s why we sampled some of the best Duravit Toilet Reviews to help you choose a design that could be cool.

Our Duravit reviews are based on a number of factors including toilet functionalities, user feedback, design, and more importantly our own experimentation. Take a look at what we prepared for you.

3 Top Rated Duravit Toilets  2021

Best Duravit Toilets Reviews

Duravit 2157010085 One-Piece toilet

Duravit 2157010085 One-Piece toilet

Top of our list is the Duravit 2157010085 One-piece Toilet. It is a top Duravit toilet with the best design features to die for.

It has an elongated shape. The shape looks cool and will add a great touch of space even in the tightest spots yet.

In addition to that, the toilet is equipped with a single flush piston valve that makes it one of the best Duravit toilets if you want to conserve more water and reduce high water bills too.

But it is the toilet’s vertical outlet and symphonic technology that you will love. The two makes it really easy for the toilet to flush with an aggressive power efficiently and noiselessly.

You can enjoy this top flush one-piece toilet as it is also easy to install and will make your work easy when cleaning as it comes fully glazed with no adhering.

If you want a simple but highly effective design to go with from Duravit we highly recommend trying this out.

Duravit 113010001 D-Code One-Piece Toilet, White Finish

Duravit 0113010001

The next Duravit toilet that we included in our list is the Duravit 113010001 D-Code One-Piece Toilet with White Finish. It is one of the best Duravit brands that you can choose today for a medium family.

The toilet comes in a one-piece design which means it is easy to install and also to clean whenever it has been used.

Designed with a single flush piston valve, the toilet works more or less the same as the previous design that you just saw.

It uses a top flush design and has a symphonic technology to give it the best flushing power at the least force possible. This technology also allows the toilet to conserve more water as it uses only 1.28 gallons per flush.

The best part that you will love about this toilet is this; it comes with a 12-inch standard rough-in that makes it a great design for a DIY installation.

Duravit 2120010001 Toilet Starck 3, 1-Piece

Duravit 2120010001 Toilet

The Duravit 2120010001 Toilet Starck 3, 1-Piece toilet may seem pricey but it’s worth every buck that you will throw in; partially, because of its great design and high end performance among other things.

The toilet, which is also one of the latest designs from Duravit includes a SensoWash technology that applies a sensor to clean the toilet once you are done with using the toilet.

It also has a siphon jet that amps the toilet’s flush and makes it supper effective. This technology gives the toilet an awesome cleaning touch with just a one-touch press of a button. It also minimizes the amount of water per flush to 1.28 gallons.

More importantly, this Duravit toilet has an elongated HET/ GB design that gives it a lasting touch if you choose to use it.

You can almost count on the toilet even for the largest households around the block. Thanks to its one-piece design that makes it more durable and less brittle.

Duravit 2130010000 Two-Piece Toilet, White

Duravit 2130010000 1930 Series Toilet

Duravit has also made some unique two-piece toilets and the Duravit 2130010000 Two-Piece Toilet epitomizes this design. It has unique features with a stylish design for anyone who wants something new.

It has an angular design that simply sets apart from any other modern toilet design that you could find today. Angular designs create more space and give your homes a stylish look.

The toilet like many other top-rated Duravit designs that we have seen also operates using a vertical outlet technology that makes it much more ideal for constant use in the home.

It uses 1.28 gallons per flush and minimizes the use of water by over 20%. Even better, the toilet has a symphonic technology that uses a jet like a touch to clean your toilet faster once you are done.

The toilet is glazed along the trap way and has a 12 inch standard rough in that makes it easy to install and also to clean once in a while too.

Toilet WM 570mm ME by STARCK white washdown, Durafix, Rimless, US

Toilet WM 570mm

Unlike the Duravit brands that we have seen, this toilet comes with a completely different design, the Duravit Toilet WM 570mm ME is a Duravit wall hung toilet with awesome tastes.

It comes with an elongated design and works pretty well for the areas with less spaces. It would be ideal for a small apartment too.

In addition to that, the toilet has no tank or base. Meaning you can easily cut costs. However you will need an in built tank to make its use really easy.

But the one reason you will love this toilet is its stylish design. It goes well with homes where unique designs aren’t anything new.

It has rimless design with a highly stylish touch of glaze to make it a one-time flush toilet. For users who have had it before, they all agree that the toilet is easy to install and that it uses less water for every flush (0.8gpf).

You can entirely depend on this toilet if you are looking at cutting down your water utility bill.

Duravit 2200090000 Starck 3 Wall Mount Toilet Bowl with White Finish

Duravit 2227090092 Toilet

So, in our top Duravit models is the Duravit 2200090000 Starck 3 Wall Mount Toilet. It is another wall hung design from Duravit that sets the tempo a little high than the ones you saw before.

For starters, the toilet uses a washdown model that makes it much more effective and easy to work with for large households. It guarantees a clean wash by just a single flush once you are done.

Being a wall hung model also means that the toilet is really easy to fix. You don’t have to work with many people and you can fix it alone with limited or no help at all.

More importantly, it is CIAMPO listed and EPA certified. What this means is that the toilet has been tested and found to pass all the water conservation requirements.

You can enjoy the white glazed finish with an elongated design too that makes this toilet a superior model for smaller spaces.

Top Considerations When Buying the Best Duravit Toilets

If you choose to go with the best Duravit Toilets, there are a number of factors that might prove really handy. They include the following that we‘ve listed here.

Floor Space

The amount of floor space will play a crucial role. Whether you are installing a new Duravit toilet of simply going for an upgrade, you need enough space to fit in your chosen design. A compact design will be ideal for tighter spaces while larger design can enjoy the freedom of a great space.


When choosing Durravit toilets you will find two types of mountings. The very first one is the floor mounted Duravit toilets which are some of the most common designs. However, many people today are slowly turning into the Duravit wall hung toilets. Whichever the design go for what you need.


Consumer feedback and expert reviews will also play a crucial role when buying a Duravit toilet. Indeed, you may find more insight by looking at feedbacks as they reflect a firsthand experience with the toilet. In short, it will also help you to understand the type of experience to expect when choosing this brand.


Your personal budget plays a huge role in determining the type of Duravit toilet design to go with too. Depending on the amount of money that you have chosen to spend, you won’t have to buy impulsively. Instead, you will be able to for a Duravit design that saves some money for accessories such as toilet seats that this brand seldom includes.


Believe it or not toilet color plays a key role in your toilet’s purchase too. Many buyers often want colors that blend in so well with their bathroom designs. In fact, the easiest way to determine a great color to go for is to play around with your bathroom’s tiling and wall paint too.

Toilet Seat

Some Duravit toilet designs will come without seats. If you are a guy who wants a seat included in your toilet design, determining if the toilet design from Duravit that you are going with comes with a seat will be very important. It will save you about 50 bucks if you had a design that includes a seat.


Rough-In is the distance between the back wall of the toilet and the middle of the toilet floor seat mounting. It is the distance that determines how well a toilet will fit against the wall or how much space it will leave behind. A standard rough-in measure about 12 inches in size and works well for most toilets.

FAQs: For Best Duravit Toilet

For Duravit brands, many people don’t usually have so many concerns as the toilets great design precedes every purchase. Nonetheless, there are a few grey areas that some buyers do want to be clarified for. They include the following.

Why Should I Buy the Duravit Brands?

The Duravit designs are cool. Many of them have angular touch and a flat seat. This makes the toilet a unique addition to your home and will leave your home looking elegant and stylish from every angle.

How Much Do a Good Duravit Toilet go For?

Let’s just say they aren’t pricey neither are they cheap. Best Duravit toilets are greatly affordable. They have a long lifespan and would last for over 10 years. If you spend between 200 USD to 1000 USD you will definitely have a great brand.

Which Type of Flushing Power is Used by Duravit?

Duravit’s use a cool technology called the rimless flushing technology. This is a unique flushing technology that allows water to come up vertically before coming horizontally and then in the whole bowl. This makes sure that you can flush properly with as little water as 0.8 gallons. Duravit is eco-friendly and also EPA approved.

Choosing the best Duravit Toilet Reviews is indeed the first stepping stone to getting a great toilet for your home. And after reading through what we prepared for you, we believe that you found the great insight that you were looking.

Now you can choose the best Duravit toilet for your home needs with ease. We suggest picking one of our top-reviewed brands, to begin with. If that doesn’t work for you, you can still click here to find other ideal toilet brands to go with too.

Good luck choosing your next top Duravit toilet!

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