Best Electric Water Heater 2021 Reviews and Buying Guide

Taking a warm bath after a long run a work will be highly refreshing. The Best Electric Water Heater will make sure that you get this while at the same time keeping the costs down in every way possible.

In this post, we have compiled the top rated Electric Water Heater Reviews to help you make an easy choice. Read every fact and get the best tankless electric water heaters for your home use today.


5 Best Electric Water Heater 2021 – Reviews


1. EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater, 27 KW at 240 Volts, 112.5 Amps with Patented Self Modulating Technology

EcoSmart ECO Electric Tankless Water Heater

The best electric water heater to kick start these reviews is the eco-smart eCO 27 electric tankless water heater.

This 27 KW at 240 Volts water heater supports up to 112.5 amps and comes with a patented self-modulating technology for easy operation.

It will boost your efficiency and in turn help you to save up to 50% on the overall water heating costs.

The heater is easy to install and thanks to its compact size of 17 x 17 x 3.625 inches, you will be able to save a maximum of 12 cubic feet of the storage space in your home.

Even better, this water heater works with 3/4 inch NPT pipe fittings that are used in most modern homes.

It has a digitalized temp control system in 1-degree increments which allows easy control of the hot water that you use.

With its copper and stainless components, you will easily get a designed that is extremely efficient, durable, and easy to replacement in case of damages.

The heater’s compact size that saves you valuable storage space will allow you to love its stylish and advanced design.

This heater also requires (3) 40amp breakers to work and should be placed on a 200 Amps electric panel.



  • Works with 3/4 inch NPT pipe fittings
  • Copper and stainless components
  • Stylish and advanced design
  • 200 amps electric panel




  • Requires (3) 40amp breakers which are bought aside

2. Stiebel Eltron Tempra Plus 36 Kw – Tankless Electric Water Heater

Stiebel Eltron Tempra Plus


The next electric water heater that we highly recommend is the stiebel eltron tempra plus 36 Kw electric water heater.

This heater which comes with a self-modulating power technology and an advanced flow control technology is a darling of many homes and also enjoys so many positive reviews from previous users.

It has a digitalized temperature control system like many other top rated heaters that you will see in this Electric Water Heater Review and more importantly offer a high style proven reliability.

If using this electric water heater you won’t require any form of venting. With a minimum of 300 amps electric panel and 240 or 208 Volt power you will be good to go.

Nonetheless it also has a compact design and comes in 14.52″ x 16.54″ x 4.61″ dimensions that adds to the beauty of its highly efficient sleek design.

It can fit anywhere and will save at least 15-20% on hot water that you use in your home.




  • Compact size
  • Is easy to install
  • Saves maximum of 12 cubic feet of storage space
  • 1-degree increments
  • A digitalized temp control system




  • Minimum of 300 amps electric panel


3. Eccotemp FVI12-LP Liquid Propane Gas Tankless Water Heaters, White

Liquid Propane Gas Tankless Water Heaters

We chose the eccotemp FVI12-LP liquid propane gas water heater partially because of its efficiency and high rated design and since we wanted only the top rated Electric Water Heater Reviews in our post.

Suited for the entire indoor uses, this gas-powered water heater is highly efficient and comes with a flow rate of 3.6 GPM.

The flow rate only activates when the heater is in use and therefore making this device one of the best for energy saver models.

In addition to that, you won’t require any ventilation as this model comes with a safe and highly efficient power ventilation system that makes it extremely perfect for any home with limited space including cabins or apartments.

More importantly, it offers an easy to read digitalized temperature control display that comes in a compact and high style space-saving design with very minimal noisy output.

And thanks to its electronic ignition technology, you can easily plug this heater into a standard 120 Volts electrical outlet.

Don’t worry about your fixtures as it easily integrates with the universal 1/2″ NPT pipe fittings too.




  • 240 Volts water heater
  • Supports up to 112.5 amps
  • Comes with a patented self-modulating technology
  • Saves up to 50% on the overall water heating costs




  • Digitalized temperature control might be hard to understand


4. Marey ECO110 220V Self-Modulating Tankless Electric Water Heater

Residential Tankless Water Heater


The marey ECO110 220V self-modulating electric water heater comes with a tankless design and offers the many integral features that you will expect from the best tankless electric water heaters.

Its 11kW unit is typically ideal for a 2 simultaneous point of use for all regions where the incoming temperature of water sits above the 70°F mark.

And in case you live in colder regions and is wondering whether you can use it, the answer is yes. In fact in such regions it will be suitable for 1.3 GPM flow rates.

And thanks to this heater’s high quality stainless steel design in its water channel and also heating chamber you will have a durable and extremely reliable heater.

It has a Smart-Technology that offers very easy managements and simple adjustments with an LCD panel that will allow you to program your desired water temperature and thus optimizing your electricity consumption.

With a single 60 amp breaker you will have a safe and quality water heating system with the rather new self-modulating technology.




  • Universal 1/2″ npt pipe fittings
  • Standard 120 volts electrical outlet
  • Ideal for a 2 simultaneous point of use
  • Smart-technology
  • Easy to read LCD




  • Slightly pricey


5. Rheem 240V RTEX-13 Residential Heating-Chamber Tankless Water Heater

Residential Tankless Water Heater

Finally to close up our top-rated electric tankless water heater reviews is the rather new rheem 240V RTEX-13 residential heating-chamber tankless water heater.

This highly efficient water heater has an external and adjustable top rated digital thermostat that offers super easy control with its LED display.

The rated digital system offers a (+/1 degree accuracy so that your settings are economical and extremely viable.

It uses the durable copper immersion system with two heating elements and like many other top designs that we have seen, comes also with a self-modulating power control technology.

Because of its universal design which allows this system to integrate so well with 1/2” NPT adapters and fittings, many people love it.

On the sides, it also uses 1/2 inch compression systems for connections which regulate its performance so that it uses hits 99.8% energy efficient levels.

This efficiency is boosted by the presence of the external controls that will help you to adjust the temperature in 1°F increments so that you can use the best water saving showerheads of up to 1.5 GPM flow rate.




  • Highly efficient and comes with a flow rate of 1.5 gpm
  • Won’t require any ventilation
  • Easy to read digitalized temperature
  • High style space-saving design




  • Some people find that flow rate really low


Best Electric Water Heater: Simple Buying Guide

If you want to buy your top rated tankless electric water heaters here are a few pointers that will easily help you to nail the best.


A tankless water heater with a surge, freeze, or overheating protection will last longer than ordinary options. The same applies to the type of build that the water heater has and which you intend to go for. Copper and stainless steel build are rust-proof and therefore extremely long-lasting.


Self-modulating technology is another great technology that boosts the above point that we just raised. Such energy-efficient technologies will make your work better and also save you from spending so much on water and energy bills.

The Design

Compact and lightweight design means that the water heater can be installed anywhere easily. It also means that it is portable and that you can move with it without incurring any cost in case there is the need to.

Work Rate

How much water does it heat? A large gallon per minute water heating rate means more water heated and less energy used. Eventually, you will get very low bills. Always go for high GPM rates to get more for less.


Safe electronic ignitions will mean you aren’t exposed to any form of hazards. You will be able to use your water heater without any worry of fatality or accidents. This is super cool for someone who is entirely new to this process.


Is the LED Display Necessary?

Well, times have changed. Today the world is on a digitalized whirl. What this means is you rather have an electric tankless water heater with an LED display unit for easy tracking than going with analogue designs.

Where Should I Buy These Devices?

The best electric water heater can be bought even in the shops around your home. However, you will realize that such retailer shops have high prices as transportation cost is also included. To save your money, energy, and get your heater delivered at your doorstep, buying online is often the best option to go with.

Why Are the Ratings Important?

Digitalized ratings on your Best Electric Water Heater are important as they will help you to set up the heater in such a way that you will get the best results out of it. You can also track how your heater works.

Now that you have everything that you need, I believe you will be choosing your Best Electric Water Heater right now. What is important is to use your heater as per the manufacturer’s user guide to prevent damage. You can also buy a heater with a high-end warranty.

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