A complete guide on Best Portable Shower for Campers and Travellers

You love adventure and camping but I’m sure you don’t like to have a smelly appearance to other! When we spent long travelling and camping in a remote area, we must have to be conscious of a fresh health. To keep your body and mind fresh, you must take bath regularly in camping. And to have a jolly bath, a portable shower is very handy. But how to choose the best portable shower? Or what should know before buying a portable shower? Let’s see!


Why a portable shower in travelling or camping?


A portable shower can be your choice for at least three reasons:

  • Portable shower gives you a fresh bath in the campsite. After passing a long time in camping, cooking, arranging stuff, a fresh bath is a blessing! And portable shower can give you this!
  • It saves you from danger and diseases. If you don’t know how to swing, taking bath in Riverside is not wise; in this case, a portable shower can be your rescuer. Besides, if you think that the water in the public-house can contain diseases, you can take a portable shower!
  • And privacy is important. In group camping, a portable shower can give you privacy.



What to check before buying a portable shower?


Weight and Size:

the first thing you have to check is Shower weight. A convenient weight with all facilities will make an easier movement. Along with, the size should be comfortable. Most of the portable showers are foldable. You can pack it with your luggage or top of the van. These features actually facilitate the portability of your portable shower.


Type and Design:

there are various types of portable shower. Depending on the types, each of these has particular features. And it differs functionality also. For example, if you buy a solar shower, you have to rely on the sun on hot water on. On the other hand, if you choose a buttery heated shower, you don’t need to depend on another source (In the next section we are going to discuss the types of the portable shower).


Cost and Quality:

you can choose one according to your purpose you are going to use. If you need it for regular use, and you need it for a whole family member of the group, you can choose better quality and has more features. Thus it can expense more.  Besides, some portable showers need additional tools. For example, if you want to use a shower tent, you have to check that whether the package includes it or not.



Types of Portable Shower:

There are several types of portable showers depending on functionality, facility, portability etc. Basically, the following types are popular:

  • Compact portable shower
  • Pressure portable shower
  • Solar shower
  • Heat water shower

Those types can be categorized in two ways: with tank shower, without tank shower. The type with tank shower includes a water holding tank so that you can reserve water in this. And the without tank type just can use in those where you have another water source. For example, if you are staying in near a public source of water, if you don’t have a with tank shower, you have to use the shower at there.



Compact Portable Shower: minimal cost and simple

The compact portable shower is designed in such a way that we can sue it very simply. You will get wet within two minutes costing minimal time and arrangement. It doesn’t provide hot water but its portability and cost-effective design are worthy. You can fold it event there are several pocket type design for camper and travel lovers. You can use it for several purposes like


Pressure Portable Shower: manual and cheap

Pressure shower generally designed to use manually. There is a foot pressure pump by which you can push the water and clean yourself. The pressure portable shower is cheap, environment-friendly but sometimes it’s problematic to pressure simultaneously while taking bath.

best portable shower for campers
just pressure the pump and have the shower!



Solar shower: handy and energy saving

The Solar shower works on solar energy which saves energy. Just you need to hand it on somewhere so that it can consume solar energy and you can use it easily. There is a black plastic bag, which will absorb solar rays over an hour period to heat the water.


Heated Water Portable Shower: convenient

It’s a convenient portable shower when you are staying in lower temperature weather. The heated portable shower has build in heater which will boil the water suits for your health. You can also increase or decrease the temperature.

best portable shower for campers
heated water shower needs an electrical connection



Portable Shower for campers

It’s definitely important to keep a portable shower because you have to stay a couple of days in the dirt, sweat and hard working. So, have a portable shower for a fresh and healthy mind and body.

Some of the camping sites have bathing facilities available for campers’ but it’s wise to have a portable shower for more convenience. In this case, I would like to suggest you buy a pressure shower. It’s cheap and feels natural in wild camping!



Portable Shower for Trucker

Truckers stay a long time even several days in the truck. In such a long drive, having a shower sometimes becomes problematic. Though some fueling stations and parking stations provide shower options, it’s not certain that you will get it always. If your truck doesn’t have a built-in shower option, you can make it easier! It’s simple. You can use your truck washing pump for a shower also!



Portable Shower for Surfer

After a long marathon surfing in salt water, you must need a fresh shower. Thus, a portable shower for a surfer is also a popular choice for people. Due to an inexpensive and quick solution, the portable shower is becoming a handy tool for surfers. You can both take a cold or hot water shower. I recommend a portable solar shower. Because you are getting free solar energy on the beach! So, you can utilize it!


Buy Best Portable Shower

Nemo Helio Portable Pressure Shower

It’s one of the most used showers worldwide. It is famous for versatile design, lightweight system, and smoothness. The high capacity, insulated 11-liter soft Helio tank heats water using sunlight; Heated water stays piping hot for hours so you can clean up on your schedule. The Helio is a multi-use cleaning tool with enough water pressure and capacity to wash dishes, bath pets, rinse off gear, or water plants. Check the detail and latest price.


TrackGear Outdoor Portable Camping Shower


It’s a smart, convenient cleaning and easy pump portable shower very popular for camping. This portable shower allows you to get clean wherever you are; works great for outdoor sports, camping trips, giving your pet a bath, or in emergency situations without water. Simply pump the handle to begin building up pressure and then use shower head to control the pressurized spray; specially designed head maximizes pressure while conserving water. Check the detail and latest price.


Reliance Flow Pro Portable Shower


It’s a cost-effective shower. This pressurized portable shower has continuous spray and triggers action shower head. It features a 6-foot, kink-resistant hose and is equipped with a pressure release valve. Make transporting easy with convenient. Check the detail and latest price


Watch the video and Make a Portable Shower at Home!

If you don’t have enough money to buy a portable shower, don’t worry! It’s super easy to make it at home! Just you need a garden sprayer (but you have already used it to spray chemicals, be careful), a hose nozzle and a hose clamp.

Watch the video!



Camping Shower Tips:

  • If you stay in such an area where scarcity of water problem, just try to manage at least water for washing undergarments.
  • Use micro-fibre towel so that your body will be dried quickly!
  • Avoid shampoo, deodorant, hairspray, perfume and other chemicals harm the environment. Use biodegradable soaps to wash your cloth.
  • Don’t forget to bring a portable toilet to avoid any embarrassing situation.


Some additional tools you may need:

  • Camping shower tent of the enclosure. It’s an important tool for you to keep privacy. Many campsites have shower options, some don’t. There may have private shower option in the locality but it may lack privacy. In such a case, a camping shower tent will be very helpful for you.
  • A portable toilet is another tool you may need. On summer, camping sites may be busy. The toilets of the site may be odorous and inconvenience. In such a case, you can keep a small portable toilet. We have discussed the best portable toilet for campervan


Finally, we believe the article will help you to find the best portable shower you are looking for! All the best!!




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