What to know to get Best Portable Toilet for Campervan

You are a dedicated traveler love adventure and camping. And of course, a group journey is more chilling! All the materials are packed already, fellow travelers are getting excited!! The van is also ready to run. But one of the most essential tools, the portable toilet is haven’t picked yet!! That’s you are searching for a portable toilet for campervan. We hope the article will assist you to find the best portable toilet for campervan.

Toilet options in campervan:

several options you can choose riding in campervan.

  • Public toilet
  • Portable toilet
  • Pee bottle

As you can use a public toilet for free, anyone can ask me, why a portable toilet?

Let’s see!

Why a portable toilet?

Answering the question, I can re-ask why don’t you need a portable toilet? Having a long journey or having an adventurous camping not means leaving all comfort! We are not a superhuman to resist the natural call. Or we can’t make it anywhere not only for a healthy environment but also for our own safety. Leaving human waste here and there can lead our lives in danger, it can attract wild animals, it can create diseases and obviously, it will degrade the camping area.

And when you drive in a long highway there won’t be toilet facilities. In that case, a portable toilet will be a blessing! You can take it according to your choice, can carry it easily. Most of the campers in American Camp Association has said to have a portable toilet.

For example, in California, if you like to have a primitive flavor, campground like Culp Velly Primitive Campground you need a portable toilet to follow the instruction of authority.

So, the best portable toilet for van or camping will make your journey easier, healthier and smoother.

Is there any type of portable toilet for a campervan?

Yes, there are particular types of portable toilet based on size, price, facilities and customer’s choice. You can pick the best one. The categories are:

  • Bucket Toilet
  • Composite Toilet
  • Chemical Toilet


Bucket Toilet:

the toilet is shaped as the bucket and it’s very handy for emergency use. Generally, a bucket toilet can collect 2-5 gallon waste. It’s simple to use, just do your business and cover the cap. To ensure the odor-free environment, try to keep the external elements dry. Sometimes it can be troublesome for odor or smell. Don’t worry, you can use those cover materials to prevent odor: topsoil, peat moss, woodchip, etc.

In recent times, the upgraded two bucket toilet has arrived in the market. In such a system, urinary and fecal materials are collected in two separate buckets. So, the probability of odors becomes less.

The most advantage of the bucket toilet is its super portability. It’s inexpensive too. But the problem is you have to keep the extra bag. And it can knock over.


Composite Toilet:

these types of portable works to treat human waste in a biological process, that means it composts the waste and converts the waste into more consuming to the environment. Composite toilet refers to several other names like biological toilets, dry toilets, and waterless toilets, etc.

The great thing is that it is environment-friendly and you can use it more frequently between emptying. It has a small ventilation system and can separate solid and liquid wastes. Thus, it produces fewer odors. The composite toilet is a little bit expensive.


Chemical Toilet:

the portable chemical toilet is another category of portable toilet uses the chemical to treat the waste. We have already discussed the details of a portable chemical toilet. Generally, the chemical toilet would be a wise choice if you install a full toilet system in your campervan. But, for a handy and moderate solution, you should pick a bucket or composite toilet.


Comparision Table of Portable Toilet for Campervan:


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Dimension: 14.7 by 14.7 by 14 inches (L x W x H)

Weight : 5 pounds

Foldability: No

Cost: Medium

Mechanism: Composting

Odor: less

Rating: 4 star

Dimension: 18 x 18 x 16 inches

Weight: 10 pounds

Foldability: No

Cost: High

Mechanism: Chemical

Odor: least

Rating: 5 star

Dimensions: (18.90 x 15.55)" (LxW)

Unfolding Dimensions: (18.90 x 15.55 x 16.73)" (L x W x H)

Weight: less than 2 pounds

Foldability: Yes

Cost: Low

Mechanism: Menual

Odor: little

Rating: 5 star




Pee Bottle: a quick solution

Sometimes you need this little tool. For example, you are on a public highway but, in this situation, you can’t use a portable toilet, you can use a pee bottle. And in the winter season, maybe snows surround your tent or van, you can use it quickly!

Girls don’t need to worry! There are several bottles have ladies adaptor. Just ask the seller and make sure your bottle has such facilities.

Pee bottles are foldable, flexible and packable. Generally, a bottle can hold 3-4 good pees. Screw it carefully and put is safe not to break.

How to empty the campervan toilet waste:

best portable toilet for campervan

  • Put your gloves and pull the tray of the toilet
  • Bring the waste tank to the nearest dump station
  • After emptying the tank, rinse the whole tank with fresh water
  • Then insert chemical packet and close the tap
  • Re-install the tank


Additional Tools you may need:

Not so necessary, but it will be the convenience for healthy camping. For example, you can take camping loo paper, camping tent, etc. Especially, when you stay on a beach, you may need an additional toilet tent. Make sure that the tent is waterproofed and wind portable.


Always Keep in Mind:

  • Collect the trash regulations of your campsite. Dispose of all camp waste in permitted ways. Follow the regulations for waste disposal in your area. Recycle as many items as possible.
  • Make sure that the water quality suits for sanitation. If campsite authorities supply water, check the residual chlorine, bacteriological quality, etc.
  • Keep the toilet chemical/washer separated from other ingredients because accidentally anyone can use it in other purposes.
  • Have a fresh shower with portable shower to stay healthy during the camping!


Interesting! Kim Jong Un Took his Portable Toilet in Singapore Summit!

In last Singapore summit, North Korean  President Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump met each other to settle bilateral tension. An interesting new published that Kim took his portable toilet to Singapore fearing the foreign spy can use his stools to get information about his secret life!!

Finally, we believe you have got enough information about a campervan toilet. We have discussed more detail on the portable toilet and it will help you obviously. If you need any information, please feel free to comment and contact us.

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