Best Sliding Shower Doors Frameless [Top #9 Reviews in 2021]

The kind of doors we are going to discuss here can really change the entire look of your restroom. Frameless doors can make an ordinary looking bathroom very elegant and sleek.

We have listed down the best sliding shower doors frameless after researching the market and narrowed down the best options for you. Don’t worry if you know less about the features and models that are available.

This review will provide all the information you need to know to buy one. There are plenty of options for you to choose the one that goes well with the looks as well as the other features of your bathroom.

Let’s get right to it!


9 Best Sliding Shower Doors Frameless – Reviews

Frameless shower doors are mostly used to give your bathroom a luxurious, elegant and pleasing look. It will make your bath look more spacious. Best frameless shower doors reviews that are covered here will help you make your……????


Semi Frameless Bypass Sliding Shower Doors


Highlighted features:

  • The door weighs 182 pounds
  • The dimension of the product is 60 x 40 x 4 inches
  • The color shade is Brushed Nickel
  • The hinges are made of stainless steel
  • The top rail is made of stainless steel

Because of using large solid stainless and firm steel rollers, this model gives you an amazing experience of smooth and effortless sliding. The door operation is absolutely noiseless. Its top rail provides great support that anchors the door to the wall and increases stability.

Besides, the building material is mostly stainless steel. This kind of hardware will not rust, wear out or get deep dents. Thus, the high-quality thick glass ensures your safety, unlike other brands. There will be almost zero water leakage with this model.





  • Leakproof design
  • Rust free joints and hinges
  • Great heat insulation
  • Smooth movement
  • Noiseless sliding



  • Difficult to install
  • The screws need to be installed properly to keep the door from coming off


2. Delta Shower Doors SD3172720

Delta Shower Doors


Highlighted Features

  • The item weighs 78.5 pounds
  • The dimension of the product is 3 x 60 x 71 inches
  • The color shade is a Bronze track
  • The hinges are made of stainless steel
  • The bottom rail is made of stainless steel
  • The style is Windemere handle
  • The pattern for the door is clear
  • Certification is not applicable for this

You might want to update the fittings and features after entering your bathroom. But in most of the cases, you do not execute your plan thinking about the cost and the hassle.

All you need to do to execute your plan is getting your hands on the model we have here, tools that can be mostly found in any household and some hours of light working. It can be very easily installed.

The exposed rollers are made with a contemporary design. It smoothly slides down the steel track. The aluminum features provide excellent strength and stability that can be adjusted for better flexibility.

Likewise, the bottom part is made of aluminum and the door system is center-guided for smooth movement. Side grab bumpers are introduced to hold the glass panels properly.




  • Great adjustability and easy installation
  • Center guided door system
  • Modern side grab bumpers
  • Smooth and noise-free sliding
  • Comparatively lightweight




  • The glass is heat and pressure-sensitive
  • The small additional parts might get missing during the shipment in some cases


3. DreamLine Encore SHDR-1660760-09

DreamLine Encore Semi Frameless Bypass Sliding Shower Door in Satin Black

Highlighted Features

  • The item weighs 156.5 pounds
  • The dimension of the product is 1 x 60 x 76 inches
  • The color shade is satin black
  • The hinges are made of aluminum
  • The product model number is SHDR-1660760-09
  • The size is 56-60″ W x 76″ H
  • The style is as a shower door
  • The installation method is an alcove
  • Certification is provided for the ANSI Certified Tempered Glass

The DreamLine has introduced the encore bypass tub door with all of the companies’ great features in it. They gave it a modern look and the frameless design gives your shower a suitable place in the bathroom.

This design gives you a very smooth and noiseless sliding rail. And with the added benefits of being able to access your shower place from either side, this model comes highly recommended.

Besides, Dreamline has done a lot of hard work to give you maximum stability while maintaining the openness of a classic frameless door for your shower. The L panel is perfect for this kind of usage and the newly introduced ClearMax water-resistant glass adds a lot to the amazing protection for you.

However, because it saves you from stains, there is nearly no need to do any kind of maintenance work. You might still wonder what more might be there for you.

The shower base is coated with fiberglass for maximum longevity. It is certified by cUPC and it also has a direct stud installation process. If you have this, it gives you enough space, and this model is easy to do plumbing.


  • Strongly built
  • Modern sleek looks
  • Very easy to install
  • Great for heavy-duty usage
  • Made with high-quality modern material


  • The instruction manual is confusing to some users
  • Proper measurements of the bathroom must be taken before choosing a door


4. DreamLine Sapphire SHDR-6360602-04

H Semi Frameless Bypass Tub Door in Brushed Nickel


Highlighted Features

  • The product weighs 130 pounds
  • The product has a dimension of 1 x 60 x 60 inches
  • The hardware is made of Brushed Nickel
  • Double sliding configuration for both left or right-side entry
  • Specially designed high-quality rollers for smooth-sliding action
  • 8mm thick certified tempered glass with stain resistance
  • Dual towel bars which also work as handles for each glass panel

On a day to day basis after taking a shower, the washroom gets wet and it’s a great hassle to make it dry up again. There is a solution to this very problem with the model we are presenting here. All it takes is some hours of light working using household tools to install this tub door in your washroom.

The DreamLine Sapphire is a semi-frameless tub door including high-quality 8mm thick tempered glass with dual towel bars and also specially designed rollers for smooth gliding action. Top and bottom guide rails can be trimmed up to 4 inches for width adjustment.

Drilling into the threshold is required for installation as well. This tub door can turn your washroom into a luxurious place to go.


  • Easy to install and adjustable to components
  • Long-lasting and limited lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • Smooth sliding without noise
  • Prevents water spillage
  • Integrated vinyl stoppers for glass safety



  • Measurement problems can cause difficulties
  • Drilling into the threshold can cause difficulties


5. ANZZI Madam SD-AZ13-02BN

Frameless Sliding Shower Door in Brushed Nickel with Handle


Highlighted Features

  • Product has a dimension of 1 x 60 x 76 inches
  • Hardware finish: Brushed Nickel
  • Product weight 76 pounds
  • The product is frameless, minimal and stylistic
  • Limited lifetime warranty provided by the manufacturer
  • Upon delivery, Package includes a guide rail, door stopper, glass bracket, 2x high forged rollers, threshold and cover, stainless steel door handle, splash-proof seals

A high-end looking shower is always a delight to the eyes for everyone. The product we are presenting today is absolutely what we call an elegant and classy. This tub door is highly recommended for everyone who is looking for style and also efficiency.

Accordingly, it has many benefits for its use. It comes with modern marriage tempered, crystal clear, DECO glass panels build with approved stainless steel in brushed nickel. Symmetrical design allows adjustable left or right-side entry and the TSUNAMI GUARD shielding prevents water spillage and moisture build-up.


  • Rhino Alloy certified stainless steel
  • High forged rollers for smooth sliding
  • Symmetrical design for adjustability
  • Frameless sliding design
  • Seamless fluid sliding functionality and very modern stylistic



  • Professional installation highly recommended otherwise can cause difficulties
  • Losing component upon delivery can cause problems


6. VIGO Elan Frameless Sliding Shower Door

Tempered Glass and Stainless Steel Hardware in Chrome Finish


Highlighted Features

  • Unique design
  • Provides rail support
  • 304 series Stainless steel
  • Mounting hardware
  • Easy installation process
  • RollerDisk technology
  • Consists of high-quality tempered glass

VIGO Elan Frameless Sliding Shower Door has a fantastic design that makes your bathroom more elegant. This frameless sliding door comes up with durable and reliable tempered glass. This thick tempered glass protects your shower door from hard water.

The chrome finishing of the door makes it more eye-catchy. The versatile 304 stainless steel gives it more durability and corrosion resistance. The door has one metal made separate handle.

VIGO shower door offers RollerDisk technology, which provides adjustability. So you can customize it depends on your preference. The round roller disk makes the installation process hassle-free. This reversible shower door offers right or left installation according to your choice.

The watertight seal strips make the door leak-proof. The opening width of the door around 27.5-31.5 inches. Door’s height around 74 inches. VIGO door has a limited lifetime warranty.

If you search for the best budget-friendly sliding shower door for your shower-room, then no offense VIGO Elan frameless shower door can be a perfect choice for you. So, enhance the appearance of your shower-room with the VIGO Elan Frameless Sliding Shower Door.



  • Budget-friendly
  • Gives protection from hard water
  • Adjustable
  • Easy to use


  • Limited warranty


7. Enigma-X Fully Frameless Shower Door

Enigma X Shower Door

Highlighted Features

  • Stylish design
  • ClearMax technology
  • Opening width is between 56 to 60 inches
  • Customizable fit
  • Durable and stain-resistance
  • Anti-splash entrance

The high-quality Enigma-X Fully Frameless Shower Door makes your shower room more graceful.

The door has crafted with brushed stainless steel and durable glass. It consists of two parts- a stationary panel and a frameless sliding door.

You can fix it into the left or right orientation according to your shower room size or personal preference. This 10mm tempered glass has protective ClearMax coating, which protects it from limescale. The stainless steel gives the door a firm structure, which makes it long-lasting. The vinyl strips decrease the possibility of leaking due to overlap.

Another impressive feature of Enigma-X, it has a reversible function. You can customize the door and steel rails to fit with your shower room size. The Shelves and towel bars of this door make it unique from others. The door has an opening width of 56 to 60 inches, which allows easy width adjustment. It will enable effortless closing or opening without creating troubles.

Enigma-X Frameless Shower Door can be a good option if you’re looking for a tall shower door, as this 76 inches tall door is considered one of the most towering doors on the market. It ensures your privacy while taking a shower.



  • Simple to use and clean
  • Door slides smoothly
  • Makes your bathroom classy
  • Trouble-free closing or opening



  • Need professional help to install


8. VIGO Pirouette Frameless Shower Door



The VIGO Pirouette Frameless Shower Door comes with excellent design and features. This shower door gives a finishing touch to your shower area. This door made up of high-quality stainless steel hardware, which provides durability. The door height around 72 inches and opening widths of shower between 30 to 36 inches.

The thick glass of this door has chrome finishing to ensure the elegant appearance of the shower door. The reversible function takes place on pre-drilled glass. Then again, it has two attractive glass shelves. The shower handle plus rails can fit it inside or outside of shower according to your preference.

The door has a water deflector. So you don’t need to clean or worry about the remaining water that stays on the floor. It offers VIGO Lockguard technology. This Lockguard technology ensures durability and makes it long-lasting. It also protects the glass from metal exposure.

The door also provides seal-thru technology, which helps to seal the strips and prevents water leak. It supports reversible function, so you can install your door in the left or right orientation. This door can be an ideal choice for the users who look for an eye-catchy design with useful features.

Highlighted Features

  • Modern design
  • Vigo Lockguard and seal-thru technology
  • Has a water deflector
  • Pre-drilled door handle
  • High-quality product
  • 90-degree Pivot configuration



  • Safe and secure
  • Removes the remaining water stays on the floor
  • Protects from metal exposure
  • Prevents water leak



  • Gives limited warranty


9. SUNNY SHOWER BP05P2 Frameless Sliding Shower Door

SUNNY SHOWER Frameless Sliding Shower Door


SUNNY SHOWER BP05P2 Frameless Sliding Shower Door comes up with a sophisticated design.

The sliding shower door has two bypass doors. The top and bottom trail makes the opening and closing process simple.

The product provides two wall channels and a towel bar. The 0.25 inches thick, tempered glass has anti-shatter safety. So it can ensure the user’s safety and security.

The width of the door can adjust between 56 to 60 inches.

This sliding shower door needs less area. The door consists of a sliding and stationary glass.

It allows for reversible installation. You can quickly fix the stable glass, depending on your choice.

It has two types of finishing – shiny polished chrome and brushed nickel. The brushed nickel finishing hardware, makes it look glossy.

The clear shower door has seal strips that help to prevent water leakage during a shower. And makes your shower room neat and clean. You can easily install it. DIY installation also can possible. You can simply clean the top and bottom guide rails. The frame of the guide rails has crafted with aluminum and easily adjustable. The door has a handle. The product has five years of warranty.

Highlighted Features

  • Good looking glass door
  • Waterproof seal strips
  • Anti-shatter tempered safety glass
  • Width of the door adjusts between 56 to 60 inches
  • Double sliding door



  • Glossy look
  • Clear glass
  • Long-lasting
  • Door slides soundlessly



  • Don’t have a waterproof coating


Buying Guide

How to choose Best Sliding Shower Doors Frameless

  • Choose Your Style

Have a look at the space where you will fit your shower door. If you have a narrow stall shower, a pivoting shower door should be the right choice. If you want your shower door to cover a bathtub, pick the sliding tub door.

Got a shower door that is wider in size? choose the sliding shower door.


  • Measure Before You Order

Take the measurements of the shower opening carefully to make sure your shower door fits the space. You can use the width at the widest point to select the proper size. Choose a shower door that has a maximum width that equals or is greater than the maximum width of your bathtub or shower opening.


  • Glass Styling

Decide your preference for how you’ll like your glass. If privacy is your main concern, choose a patterned or textured glass. If the natural light from a nearby window energizes your morning shower, the clear glass should be your choice.

There are also different types of glass coatings used in modern shower doors. Some of them prevent the glass from building residue while some prevent staining and discoloration over time.


  • Foundation Options

Shower doors are installed using one of three base options: on a shower tray, on an alcove bathtub, or directly onto a tiled floor. You should keep in mind the height of your bathtub when calculating measurements because the height of your shower door will be dependent upon that.


  • Framed or Frameless?

The purpose of the frame is to add stability to the structure and ensure smooth operation. Frameless doors are literally not “frameless” rather they contain minimal framing, and will mostly be made up of glass.

Typically, frameless designs fit better into modern bathrooms as it’s a fairly newer style of the shower door. Many believe that frameless shower doors are also easier to clean as there are fewer crevices for soap and water to trap.


  • Customization is the Key

If you are finding it difficult to choose your door, you can always go for customization. You can add your own unique touch and make it more personal by choosing your door type, frame, finish and glass on your own. Customization gives you the freedom to explore new ideas and try out different combinations and find what appeals to you the most.


  • Strong Finish

Although most shower doors will be available in a brushed nickel or chrome finish to match, some units also come in additional finishes such as oil rubbed bronze and polished brass to coordinate with fixtures in your space. Choose your finishing that matches with other features of your door and lasts long.


  • Golden Rule: Seeing Before Buying

Instead of using your imaginary power to think what your shower door will look like, use the design tool to try different configurations and find the door that is just right for you. There is also zoom in option and you can take screenshots for a side-by-side comparison.

Final Words

So, these were our picks for best sliding shower doors Frameless review. Now that we have shortened the list to 5 and explained all the features, buying the one you require should not be very difficult.

Just make sure that you know the measurements and the type of your bathroom correctly and also the features and building material you prefer to use.

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