Best Square Toilet 2021 – Money can Buy with Buying Guide

Best Square toilets are the must-buy things if you are the sort of person who likes to have nice things around their home. If you are here reading this article right now, I will assume that you are somewhat interested in either purchasing a square toilet or just idly browsing through random things. Either way, it’s great to educate oneself on things, I’m totally up for that.

However, about square toilets, they can prove to be your perfect companion in many ways. They are stylish and designed very nicely. They go well with the rectangular tile designs. A lot of the square toilets are even environmentally friendly.

Here, we have made a list of five best ones available in the market right now. Read on to find out more about it.


5 Best Square Toilet – Comparison


5 Best Square Toilet – Reviews


1. Duravit 2157010005 Durastyle Toilet, 1-Piece (Seat not included)


Duravit Durastyle Toilet


Highlighted features:

  • Environment friendly
  • Easy to install
  • Has dual flush
  • Stylish design

Duravit is one of the best manufacturers of square toilets in the present day. This product has the most elegant design. It is also environmentally friendly. Duravit toilets stand out by being the most users friendly. This product functions outstandingly well with the dual flush system. The design is incredibly powerful as well. It goes well with homes, office environments, multinational companies, anything. Also, its unique design, especially the shape of the tank comes very handily too.

The product is straightforward to install. The product is also very eco-friendly. It is water efficient. It helps to reserve liquid, and that’s why it is environment-friendly. In this era of environmental revolution where we all are more or less concerned about our planet, I guess it is essential that we choose environmentally friendly products for daily usages.  This toilet uses far less water per flush, and I guess that gives it more marks at the environment ladder.

But, a down point comes with it too. Many customers have been seen complaining about its poor flushing system? Sometimes, the flushes just aren’t up to the mark. And evidently, that can’t be pretty. Also, this product doesn’t include the seat either, and I guess that’s another negative point.

So overall, this product has an outstanding design which is bound to look well and fashionable with your rectangular tiled floors. It has water efficiency. It wastes less water which makes it very environmentally friendly. But, it also has a few downsides too. Here is the pro-con list:



  • The product is very environment friendly
  • It ensures proper water usage
  • It has dual flush
  • It is very easy to install
  • It is a one-piece product



  • The seat is not included with the product
  • The flush can be a tad weak sometimes


2. EAGO WD333 Square Modern White Ceramic Wall Mounted Toilet


Square Modern White Ceramic Wall Mounted Toilet


Highlighted Features:

  • Spectacular design
  • Eco-friendly
  • Dual Flush
  • Easy installation

This toilet has a dramatic and very extraordinary design. At first, glance, while it is closed, there is no way you’re going to recognize it as a toilet. And if you ask me, that’s genuinely a very much wicked thing! Who doesn’t love a toilet with a sleek yet unconventional design, right?

The toilet is also eco-friendly having spent remarkably less water per flush. It also has a dual flush. You can use the dual flush, one for solid waste and another for liquid waste. It is a brilliant technology because it allows you to flush by saving water. More of what our planet needs right now, yes?

You can also install the product very quickly. You can also fix it according to your preferred height. Pretty rad, no? You can easily install it to your kid’s toilets, according to their height. That way, things will never get messy.

And also, the design is one piece. Like, there is no other additional hazard for you to think about. You can stay happy with your single piece of toilet.

So, if you are hoping and looking forward to making some change in your toilet, look no further and give this product a chance. I am confident that it will be worth it. This product will work better than your previous (present?) toilet, and you will be delighted with its appearance as well. Also, if you are a household with kids and are fond of stylish accessories, give this a go. Also, it is very much affordable too.




  • Dual Flush
  • Eco-friendly
  • Very stylish



  • Installation could be a bit troublesome at times


3. Woodbridge T-0020 Dual Flush Elongated One Piece Toilet with Soft Closing Seat, Deluxe Square Design

Dual Flush Elongated One Piece Toilet


Highlighted features:

  • Stylish design
  • Water reservoir
  • Cleaning convenient

This is yet another very stylish square toilet you can find in the market right now. It is a very cleaning friendly product. The way it is designed, it is particularly very convenient unlike other products available in the market. It does not have any difficult or tricky corners, thanks to the smart design, which makes cleaning very easy and thorough.

The toilet comes with a very comfortable height as well. The product is very durable as well. The product is also very easy to install. And apart from the beautifully convenient design, this product can reserve water as well. So, if by any chance you have a bad day and face problems with your water supply, your toilet will still flush just fine.

It also saves water. It only uses the water necessary for flushing so, you can be proud of yourself for getting eco-friendly product too. Also, the toilet seat of this product is designed in a way that it won’t get slammed on you while you are cleaning it. And we all know how irritating it can be when toilet seats do that.

So overall, this toilet is a very stylish toilet designed perfectly which includes a special wrench. It also has a soft-close seat. Its convenient design makes it very easy to clean. And again, the height of the toilet is very comfortable too. It also has a water reservoir. This is also eco-friendly. The only downside of this product probably is that the flush of it isn’t as good as we would like for it to be.




  • Stylish and convenient design
  • Has a water reservoir
  • Has soft-close seat



  • Not very good flush


4. ARIEL Platinum TB336M Contemporary European Toilet – White


Contemporary European Toilet


Highlighted features:

  • Approved by UPC
  • Stylish design
  • Easy to install
  • The seat is included

This UPC approved product is a very stylish product and one of the best available square toilets in the market right now. It has one flush; it is very easy to install, has a convenient design. The toilet seat is included with the toilet.

The Ariel square toilet is a very modern toilet. This toilet comes in one-piece. It is a very modern toilet version. The flushing technology is also very neat as well. The flush uses very low water which is indeed very eco-friendly.

However, the installation process for this toilet can be very tricky. So, it is adviced that one does it while keeping sufficient time at hand. Also, the toilet takes a while to get delivered too. So, if you need it by a particular time, please make sure you place the order accordingly.

The product is also quite big so, measure the place you are installing it before buying it so; everything goes according to plan. Also, while the flush is okay, the seat has a bit of problem. Many customers have complained that the seat doesn’t tighten properly.

So overall, this product is pretty amazing with lots of options. It is very stylish and has a convenient design. The toilet comes with a seat as well. It is a one-piece toilet, and the flushing technology is eco-friendly and preserves water and refrains from wasting water. But, do keep in mind about the delivery time of the product while purchasing because the product takes a while to get delivered.



  • Good design
  • Eco-friendly
  • One piece
  • Comes with seat



  • The seat has a bit of moving the issue


5. Fresca Bath FTL2336 Apus 1 Piece Square Toilet with Soft Close Seat


Square Toilet with Soft Close Seat


Highlighted features:

  • Soft-close seat
  • one piece set
  • basic design
  • single flush

It is yet another product which has been approved by UPC. The product includes a single flush. Other features of the product include toilet seat which is soft-close, meaning, it just won’t shut itself in a while freaking you out. The product is also very easy to clean, and there’s stain removing technology included which makes it easy to clean.

The product is a one-piece square toilet seat so, it comes in one piece. It also has a water reserve so, you can reserve water. The high technology makes it easier for stains to get removed quickly.

The problem with this product, however, is that it takes a while to get installed and it doesn’t have the easiest installation process. Also, customers have been seen complaining about customer care service. Apparently, Fresca only has a FAX number people can contact to, and even that is very unresponsive.

Also, even though the design is reasonably convenient, it is far less attractive than the other products we have reviewed so far. It is a fairly ordinary design but, well, everyone loves a basic.

So, overall, if you are into basic square toilet designs and want nothing fancy, this could be your product. With one flash and soft-door and pretty neat cleaning technologies, this square toilet is pretty amazing even though it is quite basic. Although, the unresponsive customer care service is an important point that should be noted. Also, having only one flush means, it does lack in options. So, if you are looking for more options in your product, this might not be your ideal choice.



  • Easy installation
  • Soft-close seating technology
  • One flush




  • Pretty basic design
  • Fairly poor customer care service


How to choose Best Square Toilet

There are a lot of varieties on the market right now of square toilets. There are multiple ways you can select the perfect square toilet for you. It depends on the things you are looking for in a square toilet. So, read along to find out which criteria you must keep on mind while choosing a square toilet.

The design:

If it wasn’t obvious already, the best thing about square toilets is this that, they look very stylish. So, while purchasing square toilets, you must keep the design in mind. Just ask yourself what kind of square toilet you want for your home, is it more minimalistic or you don’t mind with something more.

Most of the square toilets you will find in the market already have an elegant design. Most of them look very stylish too. In that case, make sure they are functional enough. And of course, always keep your budget in mind.

Flushing system:

It is another important thing you must keep in mind while purchasing a square toilet. Flushing is essential. And, the amount of water each flush spends is an essential calculation too. So, whether you love to live in an eco-friendly manner or not, make sure you carefully observe the functions of the flushing system of a square toilet before making a purchase. Also, please make sure the flushing system is strong enough because if it isn’t, it is not going to be an enjoyable experience for you.

Also, some of the square toilets have a dual flush. If you are not particularly familiar with the term, it means, each flush is solely functional based on the waste. In my opinion, if you are someone who loves sustainable living, you will adore the dual flush. It will let you flush according to your convenience, and it will also allow you to save water. I think that’s a very cool feature. And if I were to buy a square toilet, I would love for it to have dual flushing options.

The seat:

This is another crucial thing to keep in mind while purchasing a square toilet. Because if your seat goes wrong in your square toilet, you are definitely in deep trouble. While choosing a square toilet, you must stay aware of whether your seat moves unnecessarily or not.

Some of the square toilets even have toilet seats which have this feature called soft-closed seats. This allows the seats to not get in the way especially when you are cleaning the toilet. Also, not every square toilet has seats attached to it so, you better keep that in mind too.

Water reservoir:

While purchasing a square toilet, it’s essential for you to check about the water reservoir too as it is a crucial part of the toilet. Make sure you recheck about the water reservoir while purchasing too. Also, water reservoirs come in different sizes so, please take a note of that while buying one as well.


It is vital for your square toilet to stay clean. So, while buying one, make sure it is easy to clean. Because if your square toilet is not easy to clean, it is going to be a very uncomfortable experience for you to use it. So, please make sure the toilet is easy to clean.

And finally, a few of the square toilets come in one piece, and some of them don’t. So, you must choose your convenient toilet keeping that in mind too. Again, some of the toilets are environment-friendly so, if you someone interested in sustainable living, you may choose an eco-friendly square toilet for your house.

Final words

Square toilets are very convenient products for everyday use, and it goes perfectly with your home and office environment. So, if you were planning to buy one and went through this review, we hope that we have been able to help, even if a little.

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