Best Tankless Toilet 2021 Reviews : Giving Your Home the Latest Toilet Upgrade

If you want your loved ones to enjoy the best experience when using the toilet you’ll need to give them a design that they can rely on. A tankless toilet is one of the newest models that you can actually work with.

They are very stylish and com with some of the top rated designs. From remote controlled flushing systems to temperature controlled mechanisms, these toilets support some of the latest toilet styles that you might want.

We chose to wrap up a few models that could give you the very best head start to the game. Read our best tankless toilet reviews and makes a choice that befits your loved ones.


5 Best Tankless Toilet – Reviews


1. Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest 1.0 GPF and 0.8 GPF 700H Dual Flush Toilet, Cotton White

 Neorest bathroom hardware

Talking of the best tankless toilets, it is no surprise that TOTO makes our list. As one of the best toilet brands that we have today, the Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest is indeed a great tankless design.

The toilet enjoys a double cyclone flushing system that gives it an awesome water conservation edge. You can easily choose to use a 1.0 gpf or 0.8 gpf.

This is super cool and adds onto the toilet’s decorative touch and skirted design that gives it a high profile design.

More importantly, the toilet’s elongated seat design is good for homes with small spaces and people that need high-style comfort when on the toilet. It also comes with a SoftClose seat mechanism that makes it super stylish.

Even better, the toilet’s cyclone jet flushing mechanism gives the toilet an all-powerful flush that is noiseless and more important ultra-high efficient.

Get this convenient hands free remote controlled automatic flush toilet and enjoy a heated seat with an awesome temperature control toilet.


2. Saniflo 023 SANICOMPACT 48 One piece Toilet with Macerator Built Into the Base, White

Sanicompact Self Contained Toilet

Next in our list is the Saniflo 023 SANICOMPACT 48 One piece Toilet with Macerator Base. The toilet’s tankless design gives it a unique look that makes it stand out easily.

It is super cool for half bathroom designs and more importantly very ideal for residential applications too.

The toilet has a vertical pumping technology that supports the system for up to 9 feet vertically and 100 feet horizontally.

The toilet will easily allow you to connect a sink in its system, but more importantly save you so much water thus bringing down your water bill pretty fast.

Like you will find out, the toilet only uses 1 gallon of water per flush. This is lesser than most of the conventional toilet designs that you might find today.

However, for our review, another thing that we loved from the toilet is the toilet’s stylish chrome seat with hinges.

It might seem rather unusual if you are used with the normal two-piece toilets, however, if you a looking for the modern designs, this is the way to go.


3. TOTO MS982CUMG#01 Neorest 550H with Ewater+ Disinfection System, Cotton White

Neorest with Ewater Disinfection System

Apart from the Saniflo, we again have another TOTO design, the TOTO MS982CUMG#01 Neorest 550H toilet.

Simple as it might look, don’t be deceived to underrate the toilet. You will be surprised to realize that the toilet supports a powerful cyclone siphon jet mechanism that gives it an ultra-high efficiency edge.

The toilet enjoys a 3 model cleansing system that supports it from all fronts, more specifically the front, rear, and soft.

Even better, the toilet design is highly dependable if you want a toilet model that will keep your wastes in the drain and leave your toilet bowl super clean. Thanks to the toilet’s Sanagloss ceramic glaze technology.

And like the other TOTO tankless toilet that we have listed here, this model also supports a remote controlled automatic hands-free flushing system.

You don’t have to touch the surface of the toilet to flush the system at any given time. The only problem is, the toilet doesn’t support a temperature controlled system like the one that we saw above.


4. KOHLER K-5401-0 Veil Intelligent Skirted Elongated Dual Flush Toilet (1 Piece), White

Dual Flush Toilet in White

Apart from the two brands that we have seen above, the Kohler is not about to be left behind either.

With its KOHLER K-5401-0 Veil Intelligent Skirted Elongated Toilet, the Kohler ranks so well among the best tankless toilets.

It is a compact and highly streamlined one-piece toilet with a high style integrated cleansing mechanism.

The toilet’s elongated bowl technology offers any user the freedom of comfort and room when they are going about their business.

More importantly, the toilet’s direct water supply makes it easy to fix in rooms with no extra space to hang in a tank.

And thanks to the toilet’s dual flush system, you can easily choose between having 0.8 gallons per flush system or 1.28 gallons of water per flush.

This is still very economical and will easily save you over 20% of water compared to the old toilet models that basically used 1.6 gpf.

If you want a spot on toilet design with a stainless steel bidet wand to offer the best adjustable spray shapes, temperature, positions, water pressures, pulsate, and say oscillate functions this is your best toilet!


5. KOHLER K-6299-0 Veil Wall-Hung Elongated Toilet Bowl, White

Veil Wall Hung Elongated Toilet Bowl

Finally, the other top rated tankless toilet is the KOHLER K-6299-0 Veil Wall-Hung Elongated Bowl Toilet.

The toilet is not only a looker. It is also a high performing one-piece toilet design that will easily leave you with a great experience.

The toilet’s compact elongated designed bowl gives you the opportunity to enjoy one of a kind comfort and also a little extra space even in the tightest spots ever.

That’s why this toilet is super cool for half bathrooms and homes with less space or small bathroom spaces.

The toilet enjoys a seamless touch as the materials of installation remain concealed and your toilet will have a smooth clean touch along the walls.

The toilet’s grip tight system is supported with a classical Q3 system that’s makes it stylish and easy to rely on too.

However, it is the white stylish color that gives the toilet a superior design and an easy to identify with touch.


What To Look at When Buying a Tankless Toilet

When buying a tankless toilet you will need a toilet that actually suits your needs to the very best levels. To get this you will have to take a look at the following things.


How is the toilet bowl designed? Compact elongated toilet bowls are known to save space and also work so well with half toilets. It is also important to consider your comfort and the toilet’s design is what determines this.


While toilets should have their own cleaning routines, it is important that you get a toilet that helps you to get the best of the same. The best tankless toilet reviews suggest getting toilets with fully glazed surfaces, remote controlled hands-free flushing systems, and Ever-clean technology.

Ease of Use

The fact that you are using a tankless toilet doesn’t mean you don’t need a comfortable toilet. ADA compliant or comfort height toilets designs are some of the factors that you should still keep in mind as you shop around.


While buying a tankless toilet, you will need a toilet that can actually last long enough to give you the value for your money. This means the toilet should be very durable. The material of build is what will determine this. Buy tankless toilets made out of ceramic or vitreous china clay toilets.


Finally, you need to understand what the previous users say. Typically, users who came in before you would have had a first time experience. Because of this, they might easily save you so much money by giving real-time experiences testimonies.



Why Do I Need a Tankless Toilet?

Tankless toilets are best for you if you don’t have enough space to fix a standard toilet with over 12 inches rough in. Additionally, it is also stylish and basically the latest toilet design to grace the market.

How Does a Tankless Toilet Work?

Reading through our best tankless toilet reviews you must have noticed that we mentioned a direct flush system. The toilet will use water that is flowing straight through your system to flush waste.

Are Tankless Toilets Economical?

Yes. Like many other low consumption toilets, these toilets also come with dual flush systems, low consumption technologies, and could use as low as 0.8 gallons per flush. You don’t have to worry about the bill.

Now that you know how to choose the best tankless toilet you should have made up your mind by now. You can easily give your loved ones the best toileting with any of the brands that we have given you here.

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