Best Toilet Seats 2021 : Top Five Picks For New Home Owners

If you want a comfortable toilet experience for your home, you should find a toilet seat that best fits your home’s toilet design. The best toilet seat will perfectly fit on top of your toilet bowl and easily leave your toilet with a seamless operation.

In this post, we have rounded up some of the very best toilet seats that could easily suit your personal needs. We have reviewed them based on design, features, customer feedback, personal experiments, ease of installation, and many more.


5 Best Toilet Seats – Reviews


1. Kohler K-4775-NY Brevia with Quick-Release Hinges Round-front Toilet Seat, Dune

Brevia Elongated Toilet Seat

For the most modern toilet designs, the Kohler K-4775-NY Brevia is a toilet seat brand to go for any day without a second thought.

It highly affordable, made of hardened plastic, and simply easy to fix. The seat comes with numerous matching toilet color palettes and fits seamlessly around both one and two piece toilets.

The best thing about this seat is, it is easy to install and comes with a fast secure installation hardware that will be included in your package.

Quick release hinges also allows the seat to be easily disconnected when you intend to give your toilet a spotless cleaning.


2. TOTO SW2034#01 C100 WASHLET Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat with PreMist, Elongated, Cotton White

Electronic Bidet Toilet Cleansing Water

Unlike the Kohler above, the TOTO SW2034#01 C100 WASHLET toilet seat comes in white color alone.

Nonetheless, it is a super cool toilet seat with numerous modern features. The stylish toilet seat comes in an elongated design with a gently aerated, warm water and dual-action spray for its one of a kind oscillating electric feature.

It is known for its ability to adjust water temperatures for bidet toilets and also water volume. More importantly the toilet comes with an arm control panel for easy use.

It is however pricy. But that’s no big deal for home owners who want to enjoy an all-round complete toilet seat design and buy toilet seat that’s is easy to install.


3. American Standard 5311.012.020 Laurel Elongated Toilet Seat with Cover, White

Elongated Front Wood Seat and Cover

The American Standard 5311.012.020 toilet seat is not quite like the stylish TOTO that we just saw.

However, it is also a beautiful high-quality toilet seat to have in your home. Thanks to the seat’s high gloss molded wooden touch.

It comes with an elongated cover design that allows the seat to give any use a stretched out calm design that every high-quality is looking for.

Fixing the seat is no brainer. The seat comes with a set of bolts and also dual faced washers that fits perfectly in its elongated systems.

You don’t have to worry about hiring an expert as you can do this all alone and still have the best results.


4. TOTO SS154#11 Traditional SoftClose Elongated Toilet Seat, Colonial White

Traditional SoftClose Elongated Toilet Seat


Another top rated toilet seat is the TOTO SS154#11 Traditional SoftClose toilet seat. And unlike its sister above, this one is very affordable.

The seat comes with a SoftClose technology which reduces any chances of injuries by eliminating a total slam of the seat.

It also comes with a super ergonomic design with molded bumpers and super cool mounting hardware.

Indeed, the design is of high quality and forged from a solid “High-Impact” Polypropylene with an awesome glossy touch.

For home owners who are looking for a toilet seat that’s highly resistance to chemicals and other cleaning detergents, this is the best seat.


5. Duravit 0063390000 Seat and Cover Starck 3

Duravit Seat and Cover


The Duravit 0063390000 Toilet Seat is so simple. It is good for small sized bathroom and styles that require no exaggerations.

The seat has no fabrics and comes in an elongated design for bowls that aren’t round at all. The best part about this toilet is the hinges are made of stainless steel.

This adds an aspect of durability to the seat’s design as it minimizes wear and tear in the most movable parts.

The toilet seat is also removable and will give you an easy time whenever you want to clean your toilet seat.

Above all that, you will enjoy a slow close technology that gives the toilet the same touch as soft close design.


How to Pick Your Best Toilet Seat

Now that you have bought your best flush toilet and installed it in your home, it is high time you made up your mind on the type of toilet seat to go with. We give you a simple guide on how to pick your best toilet seat.

Step I: Know Your Designs

The very first thing that you must do is to understand your toilet’s design. Knowing your toilet’s design will help you to understand the type of toilet seat that you should be looking for. Normally, your type of toilet seat will be determined by the shape of your toilet’s bowl rim. According to this shape, you can either buy a round or elongated toilet seat design for your home.

Step II: Get Budget Estimates

Prepare the budget that you intend to use for your toilet seat. It is very important that you have a specific amount of money that you don’t want to exceed when buying your best toilet seat. Or else you would be spending on impulse. Setting up a prior budget will work as your yard stick and determine your purchasing power/ limits.

Step III: Shop Around for Seat

With the budget done it will be time to shop around. You need to round up some of the very best high quality toilet seat that you can get. This means that you’d have to implement a few ideal factors and tricks that could be of help. Look around for reviews, customer feedbacks, brand ratings, and above all shop within your budget. When you do that, you should be able to get quite a number of seats.

Step IV: Eliminate by Features

Next in line is to pick your very best toilet seat. It is always advisable that out of your top five or top ten picks you eliminate quite a number until your remain with your most competent design. if you were buying the best bide toilet seat, for instance, you’d have to eliminate your choices in terms of the following traits.

  • Quality – Material of builds such as porcelain, hard plastic or vitreous clay
  • Offers – Price discount, warranties, and additional included toilet accessories.
  • Prices – The amount of money the seat goes for and more importantly shipping fees.
  • Feedback – What previous users say about their personal experience with the toilet seat.

Step V: Buy Your Toilet Seat

Now that you have rounded your best toilet seat brand, it will be time to pay up for the seat and wait for it to be shipped to your doorstep. Most toilet seats shipments will take up to 3 days to reach your doorstep.

Choosing a comfortable toilet seat for your personal use is no brainer. Simple as the buyer’s guide shows, you should have your best toilet seat in no time. This is extremely important and also very ideal if you are trying to finding your first toilet seat ever. Nonetheless, you should apply a little patience if you want the best results.

Install and replace a toilet seat

Like a few other things, installing a new seat on your toilet is one of the most straightforward DIY projects. Whether it is about replacing the older seat or installing a new one for a change of scene, all you would require is a few tools and a little bit of patience.
The following are a few steps that can help you to change and replace your toilet seat successfully.

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1st Step: Unfasten the Bolts of the Old Seat

Firstly, you would have to do a few minor yet necessary steps, such as buying a seat and gathering the tools. Once you are done with that, then you can proceed to the first step of your project, which is removing the old seat.
For that, first, you would have to loosen the nuts that are located near the tank with an adjustable wrench. Once they are loose enough, you can, then, remove them easily with your hands and move on to the next step.
However, if the old toilet seat also has washers, then make sure to remove them too.

2nd Step: Remove the Seat

Once you have unfastened the bolts and removed the washer, then you can dispose of the older seat of your toilet. You can do this just by grabbing both the sides of the seat and pull them up.
However, make sure to do this step as slowly as possible. Otherwise, if the bolts of the seat are made of steel or any type of metal, then they can put scratches on your toilet.

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3rd Step: Set up the New Seat

After you have disposed of your older seat, then you can start setting up the new one. However, the brand new box of the toilet seat will contain several important things, such as the nuts and bolts. So, make sure to pick them out too before you throw the box out.
Now, you will have to set the seat on your toilet. Make sure to do it carefully so that you can place the bolts and nuts without any issue.

4th Step: Drops the Nuts and Bolts in the Holes

After that, you will have to drop the bolts in their proper place. If you have placed the toilet seat in a proper manner, then this step would be quite simple for you. Once the bolts are placed, then you can start threading the nuts into it.


How to replace a Brand New Toilet Seat 400x267

It will help the seat to stay in its proper place when you are working on it.

After that, you will need to start tightening them with the adjustable wrench that you had used before. However, unlike last time, you would have to rotate the bolts clockwise to fasten them in a proper manner.
Nevertheless, if the toilet seat features plastic caps instead of bolts, then you will need to snap them once or twice to keep them in their place.

Final Words
So, if you want to replace the toilet seat all by yourself, then make sure to follow these steps as thoroughly as possible.

Enjoy your day.


Why Do I Need a High-Quality Toilet Seat?

Many users think that a toilet seat is only for ceremonial purposes, well it’s not. In order to add more comfort, reduce the spread of germs, keep your toilet clean, and get a personalized toilet experience in your home, you will need a top quality toilet seat for your use.

Do I Need an Expert to Install My Toilet Seat?

Yes and No! You may be surprised to know this. Toilet seat installation is a simple DIY activity. It is a simple as tapping open the screws on the seat and fixing the seat on the toilet bowl’s edges. However, if you have a very busy schedule, then there won’t be any harm getting a plumber to help you out.

How Precisely Can a Top Quality Seat Help Me?

There are five major ways that having a top quality toilet seat will be of help. It will add more comfort to your toilet, it will hinder the spread of germs and bacteria, it will give value to your money, it will help you to keep the toilet clean, and above all make your toilet operations very easy.

Now that you have all the tips that you needed to pick your standard toilet seat, why not get a good option from our reviews? They are well researched and will give you some of the most personalized experiences.

To get a high quality toilet seat for your home, there are a number of considerations that you must make. Going with what we have listed in our best toilet seat brands here would be the best thing to keep your mind on.

In no time, you will be able to get the most viable toilet seat design for your home and your loved ones any day and time!

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