Best Toilets Under $1000 : Getting the Best Design for Your Dream Home

To have the home of your dreams, you need to get the best designs through your door. The Best Toilet Under $1000 is a great way to start off. However, with many brands around, choosing such a toilet might be tricky. We have decided to make your work easy by sampling some of the very best designs for you.

5 Best Toilets Under $1000 – Comparison


This list was Updated on 2021


5 Best Toilets Under $1000 – Reviews


1. Liberty Pumps ASCENTII-ESW 1/2 HP, 115VESW Macerating Toilet

Macerating Toilet

If you are looking for the best toilet under $1000 we highly recommend the Liberty Pumps ASCENTII-ESW Macerating Toilet.

The toilet is unique, stylish in design, and easy to use. It also has many improved technologies that are super ideal for your toilet needs.

For starters, the toilet has a macerating pump. In short, it has a cutting blade that will chop solid waste into small and easy to flush sizes before they are flushed. This is super ideal at keeping toilet clogs at bay.

Apart from the RazorCut technology, the toilet also comes with in a two-piece design that makes it extremely easy to install.

The elongated bowl is a plus as it makes the toilet extremely ideal for tight spaces and also small bathrooms.

More importantly, you can easily access the cutting area without necessarily having to disconnect the whole plumbing system.

And if you are worried about clean the toilet regularly, you will be happy to know that the toilet comes with a fully glazed trapway that makes it easy to clean and also keeps any form or adhering at bay.

You can rely on this toilet fully and still enjoy one of the best performing flush toilets of the modern times.


2. Saniflo Two Piece Round Bowl Toilet with Macerating Pump 017-003-005 White

Saniflo Two Piece Round Bowl Toilet

Saniflo is another top rated toilet brand for most modern homes. And even better, it is a top performer too.

The Saniflo Two Piece Macerating Pump toilet is a great fit for any modern home. It comes with a fully glazed trapway that keeps dirt, adhering, and waste out of the system.

The toilet’s trapway is also concealed meaning you will easily enjoy a top quality design for your home at any time of day.

And that’s not all. Because of the toilet’s macerating pump, it easily chops solid waste before sending them straight to the drain. This is a good way of keeping clogs and odors away.

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More importantly, the toilet’s chrome lever is not only stylish but it is also easy to access and gives a powerful flush upon use.

The toilet is known for its low consumption rate and you can enjoy up to 1.1 gallons of water for every flush. This is extremely low and super ideal for homes that want to keep water bills at a historic low.

Remember, the toilet comes in a two piece design that makes it very easy to install even if you are working alone.


3. American Standard 2004.014.222 Champion-4 Elongated One-Piece Toilet, Linen

American Standard Right Height White Champion

Another great toilet for under 1000 is the American Standard 2004.014.222 Champion flush toilet.

The toilet is forged from the vitreous china clay that’s known for its long lasting and durable qualities. It is therefore very unique and exceptionally ready for rigorous jobs.

The toilet also comes with an elongated in design that not only makes it extremely stylish but also one of the best design for small baths.

Even better, its stylish chrome lever leaves the toilet with a unique piece of classical touch for any modern homes.

And if you were looking for a low consumption toilet, the toilet is equipped with the WaterSense technology that gives you up to 1.28 gallons of water per flush.

This will be a super addition to the toilet’s ever-clean anti-microbial surface that makes it very easy to clean and also keeps mildew and mold away.

Thanks to the toilet’s 4 inch piston, it will leave you with an extremely powerful flush that will keep any type of waste out of the bowl with just a single flush.


4. American Standard 2847.128.222 Town Square FloWise RH Elongated One Piece Toilet, Linen

Town Square FloWise RH Elongated One Piece Toilet

For the latest design the American Standard 2847.128.222 Town Square FloWise RH Elongated flush toilet would work best instead of the sister above.

Typically, the toilet comes with the right height and thus is not only ADA compliant but also makes it easy for people of various statures to sit on them and use them frequently.

The toilet also comes with an elongated toilet bowl design that sets it apart among homes with small bath spaces and still requires the best flushing toilets of under 1000. Thanks to the toilet’s 12 inch standard rough-in.

You will also find it very easy to install the toilet as it comes in a one piece toilet design with Duroplast slow-close toilet seat and cover.

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This adds on an easy to clean fully glazed trapway and a powerful siphon jetted bowl technology that allows water to flow from all directions.

The trapway is a concealed trapway with powerwash rim scrubs in the bowl for easy cleaning if you need a spotless cleaning experience always.

This is a unique toilet that many users have found to work really well and with a dependable design too.


5. KOHLER K-3615-95 Gabrielle Comfort Height One-Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF Toilet with AquaPiston Flush Technology and Left-Hand Trip Lever

Gabrielle Comfort Height One Piece Elongated

Finally in our reviews of the top rated toilet under $1000 is the KOHLER K-3615-95 Gabrielle Comfort Height Toilet.

This one piece toilet with an elongated toilet bowl is not only easy to install but will also make a super toilet design for homes with small spaces.

It comes in a compact size that’s not only unique but also super ideal if you want to have a comfortable seating throughout your toilet’s use.

The toilet also enjoys EPA certification and is super ideal for people who want to keep water consumption on the low. Thanks to the strict WaterSense technology that has been implemented all through the design.

The toilet is also a high performer and will come with a 3 inch valve that gives it a powerful design and keeps flapper problems away.

The Aqua piston technology is also a big plus as it allows the water to flow from all direction into the bowl giving the toilet an extremely powerful flush for both solid and liquid wastes.

If you want a toilet that gives you an extra power for all your flushing then you can count on this model.


Which Type of Bowl Suits Your Two Piece Toilet?

At the end of the day, the type of toilet bowl design that you choose will ultimately come down to your preference. At the same time, most people will tell you to go with the one that will work the best. But how do you determine this? Here are a few tips to help!


The design basically means either round of elongated. However, there are some designs such as the Duravit designs which bring in a little ergonomic touch to the ends of their toilet designs. This is much more fun and makes the toilet look astounding among the modernized designs that we have.

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Toilet bowls made out of vitreous china clay are highly durable. They are also easy to clean and will keep stain at bay for a very long time. You can also go with those made out of high-end porcelain.


Another consideration is the type of feature that the bowl boasts. Ideal fusions such as Sanagloss technology, high-end glaze, and macerating pumps will help you to keep clogs at bay while at the same time make it easy for you to clean the bowl and use as little water as possible when flushing.


The size boils down to the dimension. While this might not have a direct effect on the use, it will surely determine the comfort of the user. A smaller size might feel a little squeezed while the extra-large one might not feel really ideal for the kids. It is important that you work with a size that’s okay for you.


A clogged toilet might not quite mean less water or poor flush. There are certain toilet designs with small trapways. This might also pose some problem when it comes to smooth flushing. Without proper finishing, a toilet bowl with small trapway could cause so many problems.


Must I Just Buy My Toilet Online?

Not really. You can even grab a toilet in a corner store. However, the reason why we recommend buying online is because you have a variety of designs to compare, the shipping is done to your doorstep, and the prices are often fair.

What is the Bes Way to Ensure My Toilet Lasts Longer?

Well, that depends on the type of care that you give your toilet. Using your toilet in line with your manufacturer’s recommendations will easily help you. Make sure you follow the manual as designed by the manufacturer.

How Much Should the Best Toilet Go For?

There is no specific amount. The truth is there are highly efficient toilets for under 500 USD and there are top styles at over 1000 USD. The pricing might be pushed up by the add-ons. Nonetheless, proper shopping will easily give you the best toilet.

By looking at the Toilet review Under $1000 you can easily choose a top rated toilet for your home. However, it will be advisable that you take your time to sample up a few more like we did if you want the best.

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