Best Wall Mounted Toilets 2021 Reviews : A Beginners Guide to the Ultimate Design

Getting the best toilet ultimately depends on how perfect the toilet you choose meets your needs. The best wall mounted toilets have been hailed as the best toilet designs to go with. We took our time to compile some of the best wall-mounted toilets reviews and see which toilet is actually the real deal!

Our reviews are based on customer feedbacks, toilet features, rating, bestselling brands, and more importantly toilet efficiency. Let’s dig in to find what we have for you.


5 Best Wall Mounted Toilet – Comparison


5 Best Wall Mounted Toilet – Reviews


1. KOHLER K-6299-0 Veil Wall-Hung Elongated Toilet Bowl, White

Wall Hung Elongated Toilet Bowl


Kohler is known for some of the best toilet designs that we have today. It is no surprise that its own design, the KOHLER K-6299-0 Veil Wall-Hung Toilet makes it to our top charts in this post.

This Kohler brand is one of the best wall hung toilets that you can lay hands on today. It is a stylish one piece toilet with a wall hung design.

The toilet features a compact design. Thanks to its elongated comfortable toilet bowl which allows it to fit perfectly in the smallest rooms.

The best thing about the toilet is this, once you mount it against the wall, the hardware that you have used is completely concealed and covered.

This gives the toilet a sleek and stylish design that will befit any modern home designs that we have today. Thanks to the toilets tight grip and Q3 seat, you will easily enjoy the best combination with your in-wall tanking and carrier system.

The toilet also comes with a seat cover to prevent any forms of odors from slipping through any time.


2. American Standard 2093.100.020 Glenwall Pressure Assisted Elongated Wall-Mounted Toilet, White

Glenwall Pressure Assisted Wall Mounted Toilet


Like Kohler, American Standard is another top rated brand. The brand’s American Standard 2093.100.020 Glenwall Pressure Assisted Toilet is a great example of a wall mounted toilet too.

It has awesome features including a back outlet for easy flushing of waste into the toilet drain system.

The toilet also boasts an elongated seat design that makes it super compact and pretty much ideal for any home with half bathroom spaces.

More importantly, the toilet’s design is unique and comes with a perfect combination of tank and bowl.

It is highly dependable and uses the pressure assisted siphon jet technology to give your home a powerful but silent flush.

This means the toilet is super cool for any home with kids or even the sick as it is extremely noiseless too.

The toilet has a side-mounted polished chrome type lever that makes flushing an easy activity for you any day.

However, when buying the toilet you should remember that it comes with no carrier or seat for you!


3. Duravit 2200090000 Starck 3 Wall Mount Toilet Bowl, White Finish

 Toilet Bowl Wall Mounted Starck 3


Duravit is one of the latest best wall hung toilets that you can also work with. Like Kohlers, their design is simple, stylish, and very compact.

The Duravit 2200090000 Starck 3 Wall Mount Toilet is a good example of the same design. It is stylish and offers numerous features for you.

For starters, the toilet enjoys a wash down model that makes it an incredibly easy to use wall hung toilet design for many people including kids.

The toilet is CIAMPO listed meaning that it has met all the required standards that any toilet with a wall hung design should meet to perform well.

However, it is its sleek white finish that makes it easy to blend in on any bathroom design that you might have had.

The toilet’s elongated bowl design not only comfortable but it is also very ideal for people who are looking for the most comfortable toilets for their home.

More importantly, the design allows the toilet to fit pretty well even in the tightest spaces that you might find.


4. TOTO CT418F#01 Aquia Wall-Hung Dual-Flush Toilet Bowl, Cotton White

Aquia Wall Hung Dual Flush Toilet Bowl

TOTO brand is no different from some of these toilets that we have listed above. The TOTO CT418F#01 Aquia Dual-Flush Wall-Hung Toilet for instance, is a looker with super cool features too.

The toilet enjoys an all-powerful dual max technology that gives you the option to use less water for liquid waste or more water for solid waste.

As the best TOTO wall hung toilet this mechanism will help you to save water and also control your water bills.

More importantly, the toilet comes with a suitable comfort height technology which is not only ADA compliant but also super cool for people with all ranges of statures.

The toilet is sold less seat but is still a viable buy for any home owner who wants a great toilet for their use.

Even better, the toilet is CalGreen compliant which means it is environment friendly and will not leave you with any forms of pollution to your environment at all.

Thanks to the toilet’s ceramic design, the toilet is extremely durable and will definitely give you value for your money!


5. Duravit 2537090092 Durastyle Toilet Bowl Wall-Mounted Washdown

Durastyle Toilet Bowl Wall Mounted Washdown


Another awesome best wall mounted toilet is the Duravit 2537090092 Durastyle Wall-Mounted Toilet Bowl. It is stylish and more importantly very compact in design too.

This wall mounted toilet has a number of features that will easily blow you away. For instance it comes with a Dura-Fix assembly that will make your work pretty easy when you want to install the toilet in your room.

The toilet’s elongated bowl is also different from the modern smooth rounded design, instead, it has a square like touch that makes it extremely unique.

Nonetheless, the toilet’s seat design makes it super ideal for homes with small spaces and which requires a highly reliable toilet design to work with too.

For people who buy this, the wash down model makes flushing easy as you won’t require so much water to ensure that the waste goes down the drain.

This toilet is a rather affordable new entrant that will not only make your experience super-cool but will also leave you with a highly dependable design.


How to Clean Your Best Wall Mounted Toilet

Wall mounted toilets are the best to clean. Unlike two-piece toilets the wall mounted toilets come in a one-piece design. The design is, however, half the one-piece design. It is often the toilet seat or base alone with no tank included.

This makes cleaning your toilet a no-brainer at all. If you have a wall mounted toilet in your home, here is how you clean the toilet.

Step I

Pour the cleaning detergent around your toilet bowl and more importantly under the toilet rim seat and let it sit for at least 30 minutes (half an hour).

Step II

While waiting for the toilet bowl to soak up with the liquid toilet cleaner of your choice, you can use a disinfectant to clean the toilet’s outer surface.

Step III

Use a toilet brush to scrub off the dirt around the toilet surface until the toilet gets a spotless touch. Once you are done, rinse your toilet with warm water.

Step IV

Now get back and scrub the inside of the bowl. Take care to also scrub the hard to reach areas such use under the toilet rim. Scrub until all the stains are off.

Step V

Rinse your toilet when done. If there are still some stains, you could repeat the process afresh until you get the spotless touch that you are looking for.



What Should I Keep in Mind When Cleaning my Toilet?

Whether wall hung or not, it is important that you don’t use brushes with metallic bristles as this will scratch the toilet’s surface.

Where Can I Buy the Best Wall Hung Toilet?

Online! Buying online gives you a variety of toilets to look at. It also gives you an opportunity to get the very best toilet deals too.

Are there Wall Hung Toilets with Tanks?

If you read wall mounted toilets reviews you will realize that all these toilets have tanks. Only that the tanks are concealed.

We hope that our simple wall hung toilet review has helped you to get a grip on what to look at if you wanted the best toilet for your home. Whether you are buying a TOTO wall mount toilet or any other toilet for that matter, reading reviews will give you the very best insight always. They are comprehensive and easy to understand.

Good luck with choosing your next wall mounted toilet.


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