Choosing the Right Toilet for Your Bathroom: An Easy to Follow User Guide

Are you in need of the “right” toilet for your bathroom? It is no brainer. With these tips that I will give you in this post, you should land the best toilet for your bathroom in no time. Read along.

Measure the Rough In

Measuring the rough in of your toilet is absolutely what you’ve got to start with. The rough-in is the distance from the back wall of your bathroom (where the toilet tank will rest) to the middle of the bolts that hold the top-rated toilets flange.

A standard rough in is what most of these toilets use and it measures 12 inches. Nonetheless, there are models that also come in 10 inches and 14 inches. However, it is advisable to choose a toilet with the same rough in as your previous choice.

To measure the rough in make sure that you start from the back wall towards the flange’s bolts and not vice versa. And don’t buy a toilet with a smaller rough-in or larger rough-in than the measurements that you already have.

A smaller rough-in will mean too much space between the tank and the wall and anything stored on top of the tank will easily fall down space. A bigger rough-in will mean that your toilet won’t fit in as it will be too big in size.

Small toilet for bathroom

The Perfect Toilet Fit

Does your toilet really fit your needs as you want it to? Does the style favor you too? Is it the perfect toilet? Apart from reading the best toilet reviews, here is how to find out!

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Toilet Seat/ Bowl Style

Let me say that the elongated toilet bowl is the most comfortable bowl type. But not so fast; there are a couple of things that I must bring you up to speed on.

If you don’t have the freedom of space in your bathroom, a round bowl will do instead. Round bowls save up to about 3 inches of pace compared to elongated bowls. And this could make such a huge difference in how your toilet drawers and door will open.

The Comfort Height

Also known as the chair height, you will find that you’ll need your toilet to have the right height. A standard height sits at 15 inches. And this is where every other ADA compliant toilet will also sit.

However, most people find toilets between 17 and 19 inches much more easy to use, kinder to backs, and quite soothing to the knees too. The only bad thing is such toilets are a little harder for shorter people and kids.

The Toilet Style

Coming down to the toilet style, you don’t have to stick with the conventional two-piece toilet design with tanks and toilet bowl separated. Best toilet reviews suggest the following options for you too.

There are many modern designs that will give you some of the coolest toilet style designs with one-piece toilets and wall-hang toilets topping the list.

Indeed, a wall-mounted toilet is even easier to clean and will add more drama and a stylish design to your bathroom design any time of the day.

And if your pocket allows, going with a little inspiration from Europe and choosing a bidet toilet might just make all the difference that you will need in your best budget toilet.

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Best Flushing System 274x300

Best Flushing System

More importantly, you will also want your toilet to have a powerful flush. Double cyclone flushes, gravitational flush, and siphon jet technology are some of the most sought-after toilet flushing styles that will allow you to fall in love with your toilet.

Best Cleaning Mechanism

A fully glazed toilet trapway will mean that you can have an easy experience cleaning your toilet. Glazing the toilet prevents adhering of waste and will keep your toilet sparkling clean with every flush.

Some of the best toilet brands that we have also include self-cleaning toilets that will use microbial technology to keep the germs and bacteria away.


Today, the toilets that you’ll get in the market won’t allow you to waste so much water again. You will either find a toilet with Water Sense technology and which meets EPA guidelines or one with the High Ultra-Efficient Toilet Mechanism.

Both technologies will save you up to 20% of water every time you choose to flush your most reliable toilet brand after use. Quite a number of these mechanisms will support between 0.8 gallons per flush ad 1.6 gallons per flush thus saving you so much water.

With this simple user guide and the top rated toilet brand reviews; you should be set up with your best toilet in no time. However, you will need to learn the best toilet care tips if you must ensure that your toilet lasts for over 10 years or more.

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