Guidline to buy Best Portable Toilet 2019

As the world is going towards achieving more efficient technology, the sanitation system is also booming in course of time! And welcoming a new year is welcoming new technologies also! In 2019 you can pick an essential thing in your daily life for a healthier and easier life- a portable toilet! On this article, we will help you to find the best portable in 2019!

What is a portable toilet?

Portable toilet or mobile toilet is such kind of toilet that can be moved around and bearable to any places. To provide quick sanitation service for disabled, for post-disaster situation, for a large scale construction site, a portable toilet is perfect. These toilets do not link to an underground hole, to a septic tank or a sewage treatment plant. As it has to move around and needs to carry to several places, it contains a tank to hold the waste and later to be cleared out. Some portable toilets can be carried by a single person whereas some are heavy and need vehicles to carry. Portable toilet is also known as porta potty, porta loo, honey bucket, portable potty etc.

Best Portable Toilet 2019 

Why do you need a portable toilet?

In Traveling:

You are a traveler or love camping; a portable toilet for camping is a mandatory tool for you. In travelling or camping, it’s an inconvenience to use a public toilet. And if you like to enjoy primitive camping, there is no toilet for people in such area, in such case; a portable toilet is a blessing for you. Leaving human waste in nature could attract wild animal what can bring a danger! Besides, human waste near the tent can be the cause of bad odor and it is not healthy!

For a big public program:

In a big show or public program, a portable toilet is very essential. Installing portable toilet near the program saves guests from unnecessary hassle. For example, in the inauguration program of Barak Obama, former US president, there were more than 5000 portable toilets used.

For large scale construction site:

The contractors of large scale construction sites use portable toilet to ensure good sanitation for workers. According to US construction association, 1 portable toilet can cover 10 worker’s sanitation facilities. Installing portable toilet facilitates efficient productivity of workers. Basically, such kind of portable toilet installed for a particular time period. It can be hired from portable rent service providers.

On physical disability of injury:

Injured, elderly and disabled people sometimes can’t use traditional toilet. For them, portable toilet is easier and safer to use. American Association of College of Osteoporotic Medicine suggests that using portable toilet reduces the 50% probability of further injury.

In post-disaster instant sanitation:

In the post-disaster society where providing instant toilet facility is difficult, for example, WHO suggested many of the post-disaster African countries to use the portable toilet. Because using a portable toilet reduces to the probability of water born contagious diseases. United States Environmental Protection Agency published a report describing sustainable sanitation for urban people. The findings of the paper stated portable toilet is the best solution for cost-effective and healthy solution.

Baby potty:

Children also need porta potty because they are not able to use traditional portable. It’s a handy tool for professional mom as they can manage another task keeping their baby on porta potty.

What kind of portable toilet do you need in 2019?

There are various portable toilets in market. You can pick one according to your choice. But in 2019, you should pick the latest one! To find the best one, let’s see the types of portable toilet!

Compositing portable toilet:

Composite portable toilet generally uses the mechanism of decomposing human waste with organic matter. It is also known as biological toilets, dry toilets, and waterless toilets etc. The advantages of this portable toilet are its eco-friendly design and easy usability.

Chemical portable toilet:

Chemical portable toilet uses chemical to treat human waste. Generally, deodorant is used in chemical toilet. The great advantage of chemical portable toilet is that it totally controls the odor of human waste. But it’s more costly and not eco-friendly.

Long drop portable toilet:

It’s a semi-permanent portable toilet generally used in construction site, public program and post-disaster situation. It links the commode with a holding tank. Later the wastes are removed from the tank.

Bucket portable toilet:

Bucket portable toilet is a category of composting portable toilet made by bucket. You can also make it also at home by using a bucket, a plastic bag and a rubber band. It’s generally used in travelling for one time purpose.

Brands of best portable toilet in 2019

There are numbers of brands for portable toilet. Here are the most famous companies,

  • Coleman portable toilet
  • Reliance portable toilet
  • Camco portable toilet
  • Thedford portable toilet
  • Clean waste portable toilet
  • SereneLife portable toilet

Things to Know before Buying a Portable Toilet

Before buying a portable toilet, you need to consider several things according to your choice, convenience, budget and purpose.


While portability is the best feature of a portable toilet, some are more portable than others. Having a carrying handle, light and smooth design makes it more comfortable.

best portable toilet 2019
check the portability and size

Flushing mechanism and plumbing:

  check the flushing system and plumbing mechanism first! Having tank level indicator helps you to know when it should be emptied. Some portable toilet collects stools and pees separately. For example, chemical toilet designed is such a way it produces very less odor. On the other hand, the bucket toilet produces odor comparatively. And bucket toilet is less expensive also.

Size and budget:

Size is also an important factor before buying a portable toilet. Taller people having long knees prefers higher one while shorter people prefers lower one. Children, elderly persons also need special sizes. Along with the size, you need to check the price. There are different prices of portable toilet ranging from 50$ to 300$


Make sure that your portable toilet is environment-friendly. A compositing portable toilet is environment-friendly. And if your portable toilet is not environment-friendly, you may face a penalty from law enforcement agency especially in camping and marine travel.

What will be the new addition in 2019?

In 2019, the market of the portable toilet will boost than ever. Over the past five years, the Portable Toilet Rental industry has grown by 7.3% to reach revenue of 2 billoinn USD in 2018. In the same time frame, the number of businesses has grown by 1.5% and the number of employees has grown by 3.7%. The manufacturer will release the multi-purposed portable toilet that have a toilet, shower and other facilities in one device. Most of the international organizations will finance on a portable toilet in developing and developed countries to facilitate cost-effective sanitation system. The scientists are formulating the design of bio-friendly portable toilet made of environment-friendly raw materials and won’t harm the climate. And portable toilet needs 90% less water than a traditional toilet. It saves 45 billion gallons of fresh water every year. Thus, the portable toilet will be the part of Sustainable Development.

On the other side, portable toilet is evaluating with luxury facilities. In 2019, there will be some luxuries additions with portable toilet also.

Fun Facts on Portable Toilet!

Portable Toilet in Marathon: If you ever participated in any marathon race you may noticed that there are some portable toilets. It’s cool!!

Portable Toilet in Open Nature: Imagine you are enjoying the fresh wind along, the wide shore is on your sight, at the same time you are toileting! Can’t believe? I’m showing you the picture!

Best Portable Toilet 2019
Enjoying the nature with Portable Toilet!

finally, it’s really true that a portable toilet is a handy tool for our daily life. So, choose a portable toilet, keep the environment fresh and cheers! We hope that the article will help you to find the best portable toilet in 2019!

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  • June 11, 2019 at 5:25 pm

    I liked that you explained that when you are looking into renting a portable toilet, you should ensure that there is a working flushing mechanism. I would imagine that a flushing mechanism would prevent odor. I would consider renting a portable toilet that has the ability to flush so that it wouldn’t smell bad.


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