What Everyone ought to know about install and replace a toilet seat

Like a few other things, installing a new seat on your toilet is one of the most straightforward DIY projects. Whether it is about replacing the older seat or installing a new one for a change of scene, all you would require is a few tools and a little bit of patience.
The following are a few steps that can help you to change and replace your toilet seat successfully.

1st Step: Unfasten the Bolts of the Old Seat

Firstly, you would have to do a few minor yet necessary steps, such as buying a seat and gathering the tools. Once you are done with that, then you can proceed to the first step of your project, which is removing the old seat.
For that, first, you would have to loosen the nuts that are located near the tank with an adjustable wrench. Once they are loose enough, you can, then, remove them easily with your hands and move on to the next step.
However, if the old toilet seat also has washers, then make sure to remove them too.

2nd Step: Remove the Seat

Once you have unfastened the bolts and removed the washer, then you can dispose of the older seat of your toilet. You can do this just by grabbing both the sides of the seat and pull them up.
However, make sure to do this step as slowly as possible. Otherwise, if the bolts of the seat are made of steel or any type of metal, then they can put scratches on your toilet.

3rd Step: Set up the New Seat

After you have disposed of your older seat, then you can start setting up the new one. However, the brand new box of the toilet seat will contain several important things, such as the nuts and bolts. So, make sure to pick them out too before you throw the box out.
Now, you will have to set the seat on your toilet. Make sure to do it carefully so that you can place the bolts and nuts without any issue.

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4th Step: Drops the Nuts and Bolts in the Holes

After that, you will have to drop the bolts in their proper place. If you have placed the toilet seat in a proper manner, then this step would be quite simple for you. Once the bolts are placed, then you can start threading the nuts into it.


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It will help the seat to stay in its proper place when you are working on it.

After that, you will need to start tightening them with the adjustable wrench that you had used before. However, unlike last time, you would have to rotate the bolts clockwise to fasten them in a proper manner.
Nevertheless, if the toilet seat features plastic caps instead of bolts, then you will need to snap them once or twice to keep them in their place.

Final Words
So, if you want to replace the toilet seat all by yourself, then make sure to follow these steps as thoroughly as possible.

Enjoy your day.

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