Make an Odorless Toilet System for Healthy Sanitation

We use toilets every day. Breathing in toilet is really mortifying. In a small office we don’t install spacious toilet system. Sometimes such toilet releases odor what not only degrades the environment but also harm our health. On the other hand, if manage an odorless toilet system it could be a pleasurable toilet experience! Here, we will show you two methods of odorless toilet system. First, indoor toilet and second is outdoor toilet. Let’s see!

Indoor odorless toilet system:

Generally we use ventilation fan to reduce odor. It works but the process is slower and it can’t transfer odor from very production house, from commode or waste bowl. Time change! There has been a new technology invented that can ventilate those odor from commode very naturally! It works like a turbine!

odorless toilet system
Odorless Fan

How the odorless toilet system works:

The system collects odors from the commode via a tunnel. The tunnel observes the odors and emits via a small fan quickly. Like a jet engine turbine, it inducts air with most efficacy and strength. The fantastic feature of the system is that odor can’t escape from the bowl!

odorless toilet system
the turbine fan collects the odor quickly. courtesy:

Four integrated part of the odorless toilet system:

The system works with four integrated mechanism-

  •  Fan: the small fan with quick velocity inducts the air. It’s important to pass foul air and ensure quick reduction of odor.
  • Filter: the filter is made of specially mechanized charcoal what can absorb odor as well as bacteria and germs.
  • Battery: there is a rechargeable battery in the system that is designed to plug in to the control panel by a guided mount; ensuring it always plugs into the power source properly to keep the battery and control panel from being damaged.
  • Sensor: the automated system is controlled by a sensor what can detect whether you are using the system or not. When you use the toilet, it runs automatically! It also indicates when to change the filter.

The benefits you will get from indoor odorless toilet system:

For bathroom reader: If you enjoy book reading in bathroom and you like to read newspaper along with the morning toilet works, the system is for you!

Small office: In small office (like dental chamber, mechanical shop, saloon etc.) having attached bathroom, people face common problems of odor from toilet. Installing such odorless toilet system can make the office more productive favoring an odorless, healthy and comfortable toilet.

Suffer from diseases: toilet odors are intolerable for people suffer from chronic indigestion, Cystic Fibrosis, Chronic-Pancreatitis, Crohn’s Diseases, Lactose Intolerance, and IBS. The system doesn’t let the bacteria to spread via air.

Outdoor odorless toilet system:

When we travel in long highway, we live in van or we campaign, we face such problem of using public toilet. Most of the time public toilets are odorous and not so convenient. In such case a portable toilet would be the best solution for you. The modern portable toilet made of unique mechanism that can absorb odor. For example the portable chemical toilet produces very less odor.

odorless toilet system
portable toilet is very handy in van life courtesy: giphy

How the portable chemical toilet works:

Portable chemical toilet uses soft chemicals to reduce odors very smoothly. There are two colors of chemicals uses in a portable chemical toilet- pink and blue. The pink one treats flush water. It keeps flush water germ-free and clean. The blue/ green one treats human waste in the bowl. Those chemicals are generally formaldehyde or nitrate based chemicals.

odorless toilet system
portable toilet is very easy to move

The benefits you will get from outdoor odorless toilet system:

Campaigning: in campaigning, when we like to campaign in such a primitive area where toilet facilities are not available we can have a portable chemical toilet.

Van life: we can have a portable toilet in van life to stay hassle free. Because searching for public toilet is an extra tension and on emergency time a portable toilet can be a blessing.

Boat journey: sometimes small boat doesn’t provide toilet option; in such case a portable chemical toilet can be the best option to stay cool!

The recommendation:

Both of the odorless toilet system is useful in two distinct perspectives. It doesn’t cost more than 500$ but facilitates outstanding service and serves us healthy and easy life!

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