One Piece or Two Pieces Toilet: Which Should You Prefer

When choosing between any two types of toilets whether, by best toilet brand, types, or design of build, you really need to move in cautiously and look through every possible feature and characteristics that will play a huge role in what you end up with.

In short, you will have to take a cursory look at every type of toilet and compare it with what you are planning to take in case you don’t like this.

For one piece toilets vs. two-piece toilets, the game is more or less the same and it is important that you compare so many factors. Here is how to.

Number of Pieces

One piece toilet comes in a single design. The tank and the bowl are combined into a single mold. This is contrary to two-piece toilets that have their toilet bowls and the tank separated from each other.

This is the fundamental difference that gives these two toilets their names. Because of their unique design, every type of best toilet brand piece here has something different to offer its users.

Ease of Installation

Two piece toilet-300x300

Due to its two piece design, best toilet reviews point out that these toilets are arguably the easy option if you are looking to install the toilet and more specifically if you will be working alone.

And as the two-piece toilet reviews suggest you can easily fix the bowl and later on fix the tank to seamlessly fit them in. This also prevents you from excreting so much energy as the weight is distributed in both pieces.

On the contrary, the one piece toilet reviews clearly show that this type of toilet comes with the toilet bowl and seat combined in a single model. This adds more weight on a single piece and requires help to fix or even position around your toilet.

High Portability

Many people may be wondering why I am talking about portability. Well, if you are moving, or if you just want to change your top rated toilets around your rooms, you may find moving both toilets to be very tricky.

The once piece best toilet brand reviews say these toilets are purely based on the fact that they are heavy while the two-piece will be due to the fact that you have to handle both pieces carefully since you will be making much more than a single trip.

Ease of Cleaning

One piece toilets especially the ones with hidden trap-ways often make a super cool cleaning experience. You won’t find so many nooks and crannies to work through and you will clean the exterior of the toilet in no time.

This is unlike the two-piece toilets that may pose a challenge due so much accumulated dirt around the joints. Indeed you can attest anytime that cleaning a two-piece toilet will seem harder at all times.

Ease of Shipping

Times have changed and more and more people are buying their top rated toilets online. This is because online shops have many designs to compare, ideal prices to walk through, and also you shop without leaving your home and receive your package in the same way.

Comparing these two toilets using the best toilet reviews, shipping a one-piece toilet will be easy. The toilet will arrive on the same day and you can fix it within your schedule.

Two-piece toilets, on the other hand, come in two different packages which means you can receive the parcels in different days including within a span of one week difference. And this could mean no installation for a week as you wait for another package to complete your best affordable toilets design.

Space Economy

If you buy a one-piece toilet, you also get to save some space because of the toilet’s better profile. Trust me a few inches more can really go a long way for the best budget toilet space. Half bathrooms, for instance, will benefit so much more from this feature. This is unlike a two-piece toilet that will need more pace.


Like many toilet brand reviews have suggested, the two-piece toilets are generally more affordable as compared to their one-piece counterparts because of their “easy” profile and simple designs.

The type of best budget toilet that you end up with eventually depends on your preferences. However, you can always use these tips to eliminate what you don’t need in case you are just starting out on toilets.

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