7 Rule to follow Toilets on Aircraft

Have you scared of using the toilets on your air journey? And for this reason, you don’t use the lavatory throughout your journey.

Here, in this article, we will highlight some rules to follow Toilets on Aircraft. We hope it will help you to know about some lavatory etiquettes.

1. Don’t go at the wrong time

Plane take-off and landing time, don’t consider as suitable to use the toilets. Try to use the washroom before you board. Don’t go to the bathroom, when the snack or drink cart has begun to serve. So, wait and have patience until it passes away.

2. Remember to lock the door

If you don’t want to get exposed to your clothes down, then don’t forget to lock the toilet properly. It can create an embarrassing situation for both parties. And if that passenger accidentally is your seatmate, then this flight journey seems endless to you. So, remember to lock your lavatory door before using it.

3. Be polite and gentle while waiting

While waiting for using the toilet on aircraft, you have to be polite and gentle. Don’t lose your temper during the waiting and begin continuously knocking on the door. Being rude or impatient won’t help you to get your destination quicker. And if any elderly passenger or family with a kid need to go to the lavatory, it would be best to offer them to go first. So, don’t be rude and short-tempered during waiting in the line.

4. Don’t take too much time

While traveling on a plane, try to keep in mind that you shouldn’t take too much time in the toilet. Don’t you agree?

5. Maintain the queue

Aircraft toilet etiquette is all about being kind. So while standing, try to have a small talk with a fellow passenger and stop being rude. People with urgency or having a medical issue, let them go first.

6. Take your toddler with you

If you travel with your kid, then don’t go alone to the toilet. If you don’t have your partner with you, then take the kid with you. Or, ask the seatmate to keep an eye on your toddler.

7. Keep the toilet clean

You should know basic hygiene and bathroom etiquettes. It is your responsibility to keep the toilet neat and clean after using it.

So, you can follow the tips describe below while using the toilets.

  • Release the plug
  • Wipe down the sink
  • Dump the used tissue paper in the bin
  • Flush early and often
  • Can bring some coffee beans to keep the smell down
  • Bring some antibacterial wipes with you.


Cabin crews try hard to keep everything neat and clean. By following the rules and etiquettes, you can make their work a little bit easier.

So, here we provide some rule to follow Toilets on Aircraft, hope you have benefited.

So, these are a few tips that can help you to get the proper measurements of your toilet.

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