Rule to follow toilets on ship’s in the river

Do You Know The Rule To Follow Toilets On Ship’s In River?

Toilet considers as the most used part of a cruise. A marine’s toilet has commonly known as Head. Correct use of a marine’s toilet is vital to maintain the safety, hygiene, and comfort of the crews and travelers.

So, read this blog and know the Rule to Follow Toilets on Ship’s In River.

Rule To Follow Toilets on Ship’s In River


Rule#1. Do not put anything in the toilet

You should bear in mind that except toilet paper, you should not put anything in the toilet, such as- cigarettes, matches, tampons, sanitary napkins, baby wipes. If you can’t eat anything, don’t bring it to the toilet and flush it. You also should not put any kind of oil or solvents in the toilet.

While using a ship’s toilet, don’t bring your household toilet paper. Try to use marine toilet paper.

Rule#2. Check the water supply

Before you enter the toilet, check the water supply first. Make sure that it has adequate water to flush; otherwise, the toilet papers get clogged and floated on the bowl.

If you travel in the winter season, don’t leave any water in the bowl or floor after using it because it may freeze.

Rule#3. Do not waste the water

Though you travel on a ship in the river, so you may think you can use plenty of water. But don’t do that. Don’t waste too much water while using a marine’s toilet.

Rule#4. Use the flush control properly

Head is quite similar to our regular toilets at home. It has one difference as it contains a manual flush control pump.

The lever of the pump needs to push up and down until freshwater enters the bowl. It needs around 10 to 15 pumps to bring enough water in the pan.

  • Before using, move the lever of the flush to the open. Then pump the handle of the lever up and down.
  • You have to continue this step until the pump gets filled in, and enough water enters.
  • Try to operate the pump smoothly and shut the flush control.
  • After using the toilet, shut the flush control and again pump it until the bowl gets empty.
  • Once the bowl becomes empty, then again open the flush control.
  • Then pump it. It takes around 10 to 15 pumps to get filled in.
  • Now shut the flush control and pump it to make the bowl empty.

Rule#5. Keep it clean after use

After using the toilet, don’t make it nasty by throwing tissue papers here and there. Try to maintain the toilet etiquette provided by the authority. Use marine tissue paper and flush appropriately after use.

Now you know the rule to follow toilets on ship’s in the river. So try to follow the do and don’ts while traveling on a ship.

Enjoy your cruise time!

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