How to Select a Bathroom Heater

If you are thinking of giving your bathroom scale one of the best facelifts then you must be thinking of fixing a bathroom heater of your own. But do you have the slightest idea of how safe bathroom heaters are?

Don’t worry. We have the best solution for you. In this post we are giving you one of the best bathroom heater’s guides to work with. It is simple to follow, and you will easily learn so much about these heaters by just taking a quick look through it all.

Dig in to find out the most important things that you need to know about bathroom heaters safety before you invest your money in them.

Tip #1: Bathroom Heater’s Safety

I know you have surely heard a few stories about bathroom heater incidents. Well these typically lie around poor safety measures that some of these gadgets come with. The truth is not all space heaters for your bathroom are cool. Therefore look for features that will allow them to be safely used around you.

Here are safety tips of the best bathroom heaters as per models.

Portable Space Heaters for Bathroom

Portable bathroom-space heaters with a type ACLI safety plugs is what I will recommend for most guys. Such heaters are usually deemed to be so much appropriate for many rooms around the house including bathrooms, attics, kitchens, and basements.

Here is the reason why; ACLI safety heater’s plugs are basically built in such a way that they will be able to cut ground faults in the most limited period of time usually 1/40 of a second or less.

Nonetheless, these types of safety plugs won’t entirely prevent electrical shock therefore anyone with a space heater should still exercise so much caution in case they are operating within wet areas.

More importantly they should always test their ACLI plugs regularly to ensure that they are in shape and make replacements for any outlets that might fail.

Ceiling / Wall-Mounted Heaters

Panasonic FV 11VH2

Ceiling or wall mounted heaters are consider some of the safest alternatives that you can have around your home. Wall mounted heaters are also called wall-recessed heaters and are some of the best electric bathroom wall heaters.

Because they are usually mounted against the wall or even existing wires, they will easily keep any hazards away. Indeed, they will also keep shock incidents and fear of overheating far away from your loved ones.

However, when installing them, it is important that you first put into considerations your type of placement options, room conditions, and more importantly the square footage or in other words the size of your bathroom space.

A good tip that most experts, however, insist on is reading the user manual as they will give you additional features that you can rely on such as splash proof and waterproof designs among other things.

Tip #2: Placement of the Heater

Looking also at some of the best bathroom wall heater reviews you will find out that how and where you install your bathroom heaters is very important. It will help you to boost your safety and also the heater’s airflow.

Portable Heaters

In case you are planning on working with a portable bathroom heater, deciding on a rather permanent and safe spot for the heater at the time being will be important. Places such as far corner end or the room, on top of the chair, or raised areas will work.

Remember, portable heaters will work best for you if you are renting or have an office space of your own.


For Recessed Heaters taking into account the manufacturer clearances and further installing them within the correct distances will be awesome. You can also hire an expert to do the entire installation.

Additional Tips

There are also sizing considerations that you should make when looking for your best bathroom heater. They include thermostat placement on your external heater (make sure it is not placed closer to the heater) and hard wiring that requires you to consult a certified electrician and choosing the right wire for your voltage.

Many Bathroom Heater reviews have showed that there are so many benefits to using these gadgets. However, your safety is really important that’s why this guide is helpful and should be shared with loved ones to save a life.

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