Toilet Problem during Kayaking?

Have you ever been to a long time kayaking? If so, you have already experienced a toilet problem during kayaking. Recently I have seen someone to peeing standing on the board during kayaking. It’s absurd! Someone suggested me to use scupper to pee. Ok, but it’s harmful to the marine environment. And what would it be for the female? And another issue is solid waste. You can paddle to the bank and spoil the land. It’s also troublesome and not certain that you will find a suitable location. Wondering the issue we have discussed marine portable toilet in our previous article. Today we are going to discuss toilet options during the kayaking.

Natural call during kayaking?

The natural call is very normal in our daily life. The physician and anatomy specialist suggest not fight nature. So, answer when nature calls! But you should keep in mind that you have to answer in a proper way! If you are going to kayak for the first time, you should know some environmental regulations. The common rule is LNT means Leave No Trace. Some may share that paddle towards shore or use the scupper! But what you are doing actually! You are spoiling what you are enjoying. Besides, it would bring danger to you. n rainy environments, urine attracts wildlife with salt-deficient diets. Animals in these areas sometimes defoliate plants to consume the salt in the urine, so urinate on rocks or bare ground below the high tide line when possible. Moreover, there may lurk snake, imp and dangerous animals.

So, what the solution is?

You may feel hesitate to enjoy long time kayak due to frequent unitary syndrome, low bowling syndrome. Please, leave the inertia! There are very simple but smart solutions! Let’s share an experience:

“As a male I feel I have easier options than a female when I have to urinate. However, there are a number of products on the market that level the playing field. My wife Hadley has just field tested the urine bags mentioned above and gives it two thumbs up. She also tried a Female Urinary Device (FUD) while sitting in her kayak and on the back deck of her kayak and it allowed her to use a plastic bottle due to the six inch tube coming out of the FUD. The FUD can also be used with the urine bags for a no spill option.” Wayne Horodowich

Here are two devices you can choose according to your need:

  • Urinary device (for male and female)
  • Portable toilet

Urinary Device:

Urinary devices are specially manufectured device that can collect urine externally. Those urinary devices you can use in travelling, kayaking, climbing, camping etc. There are separate designs for man and women.

Urinary Device for Male: The urinary device designed for man is like condom, drainage bages, under pads, and external catheter. During kayaking you can use it to keep the environment healthy. There are a variety of different types of male urinal device. Some of these are designed to use in day while some are designed as to use at night.

 The most common male external urine collection devices are:

  • Male external (condom) catheters connected to a leg bag during the day and a nighttime bedside collector while sleeping
  • Pouches (an absorbent pouch that holds just the penis)
  • Male guards and liners
  • Male urinals
  • Absorbent briefs designed specifically for men
Problem during Kayaking
female urinary device is affordable and easy to use

Urinary Device for Female: There are different kinds of devices for female kayakers.  The design of the device looks like a funnel. The funnel collects the pee smoothly and passes through the bottle. It’s neat, hygienic and super easy to use during kayaking. The most common and famous brands of Female Urination Devices are:

  • GoGirl
  • Shewee
  • Whiz
  • Pibella

The prize of the device is ranged from 8-15$ and you will get it anywhere.

Portable Toilet:

There are various types of portable toilet. Those toilets are designed according to the purpose of the use. There are special portable toilets designed for Kayaking. The toilet problem during kayaking is the most common problem so that it’s the pre-condition to have a better kayak experience. The portable toilet for kayaking is also called as “Groover”. It’s a light weight portable toilet. You can carry it easily and flush it. We have already discussed about various portable toilet.

Problem during Kayaking
choose a dry and covered place to do the business

The guide to the portable toilet for kayak:

  • Pick a light weight portable toilet for kayak, you should pick bucket toilet for short time and cost-effective use.
  • To ensure privacy and safety, choose dry and covered place.
  • Keep some tissue paper and hand washing materials.
  • Don’t dispose the waste from the bucket until confirming that the site authority allows.

The Hazard alert in kayak:

Before kayaking, please check the hazard alert and regulations of the area. For example, the Colorado River authority stated,

“No person shall maintain or operate upon the waters of this state any vessel which is equipped with a marine sanitary device unless such water closet is self-contained and incapable of discharging directly into the water. It is unlawful to deposit or discharge human waste or other refuse into the water.”

Don’t forget to check all the safety issues like cold water shock, hypothermia etc.

So, to avoid unnecessary hassles and toilet problems during kayaking, we can use urinary device or a portable toilet. Happy Kayaking!

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