Top 10 Best Portable Camping Toilet Reviews

It’s the final countdown for next camping! You are packing all the necessary tools and aids. As a passionate camper, I would suggest one of the most useful tools- a portable toilet! If you have already experienced the importance of a portable toilet in camping, I don’t need to explain how blessing a portable toilet is in camping! It’s a tool of health security, hassle-free enjoyment in camping. Today, we are going to describe the top 10 best portable camping toilet reviews so that you will be able to find the best portable toilet for your next camping!

How a Portable Toilet Is the Best Idea in Camping:

A portable toilet helps you from multi-purpose in camping. Being a camper not means living a primitive life. But a smart camper loves enjoying the primitive flavor in camping in exchange for regular modern facilities. If you like to visit parks like Florida State Park you will enjoy all the feature including biking, hiking, paddling, geo-seeking, fishing, etc. Here, having a smart multi-purpose portable toilet will help you these ways-

  1. Safety: when you go inside the deep forest or you start for long kayaking it’s sudden to be called by nature. In such situation, looking for a “cat hole” is not a good idea! Moreover, evacuating here and there will be punishable and it can attract wild animal. A portable toilet with you or your team will provide you a relaxed journey and full enjoyment.
  2. Hygienic: Sometimes we find public toilet not so hygienic. In long journey and camping, health issue is important. According to America Preventive Medicine Society, 80% of the contagious diseases in traveling spread from public toilet.
  3. Eco-friendly: Using a portable toilet is good for environment. The coast guard encourages tourist to keep a portable now a days because it proves that a portable toilet can be the best practice for marine environment.
  4. Hassle-free: Suppose you have enjoyed a healthy dinner on your camping trip; but now, your bowels are pulling the emergency signals. It can be particularly annoying if this happens in the dead of the night when it’s completely dark. It’s the good luck if you have portable toilet with you!

Top 10 Best Camping Toilet:


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Weight: 11.25 pounds

Waste Holding Capacity: 5.3 gallon

Fresh Water Holding Capacity: 3.2 gallon

Flush: piston type

Construction Material: high density polythene

Item Model: SLCATL320


Weight: 10.8 pounds

Waste Holding Capacity: 5.3 gallon

Fresh Water Holding Capacity: 2.5 gallon

Flush: bellow type

Sturdy Constructions and DImensions: 14 x 16 x 15.5 inches

Item Model: Camco 41541

Weight: 4 pounds

5 gallon bucket with toilet seat

Attached Carry Handle

Flush: manual type

Made of UV protect polypropelene

Item Model: Camco 41549

Weight: 11.5 lbs

Waste Holding Capacity: 5.3 gallon

Fresh Water Holding Capacity: 3 gallon

Flush: piston type

Empty Type: Rotating No-Splash Pour Spout

Material: High-Density Polyethylene

Weight: 5 pounds

Removable inner

bucket for waste disposal

Dimensions: 14.7 by 14.7 by 14 inches

Five-year warranty

Inner bucket for empty

Includes a free sample of Bio-Blue


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Multi-purposed with hand washing facility

Unfolding Dimensions: (20.08 x 13.19 x 41.34)"

Wash Basin Size: (12.8 x 9.45 x 32.68)"

Water Tank Size: (20.08 x 13.19)"

Water Tank Capacity: 5 Gallon

Hand Sanitizer Capacity: 3.5 L

Weight: 8.16 lb

Item Weight: 10 pounds

Dimensions:18 x 18 x 16 inches


Fresh Water Tank Capacity: 4 gallon

Waste Water Tank Capacity: 5.5 gallon

Handle and integrated toilet paper handle

Tank level indicator

Odorless and water-proof

Item Weight: 11.7 Pounds

Dimensions:13.5 x 15.5 x 16.5 inches

Waste Tank Capacity: 5 gallon

Push Button Flush

Extra-long spout rinse bowl and tank vent

Optional Stainless Steel Hold-Down Brackets

Adult-size seat and lid provide comfort and safety

Item Weight: 13.35 pounds

Dimensions: 16.5 x 14.6 x 17.1 inches

Waste Tank Capacity: 5.3 gallon

Fresh Water Tank Capacity: 3.2 gallon

New T type 3 way flush

Durable polyethylene construction

Odor pretected by safety vulves

Item Weight: 2.8 pounds

Dimensions: 19 x 14 x 2 inches


Folding chair with easy moveability

Synthetic polythene for waste holding

Comfortable for camping and military training

Cost effective

Item Model: 5188

Top 10 Best Camping Toilet Review:

Serenelife Portable Toilet:

Serenelife Portable Toilet is very famous for camping, boating, and kayaking. It avails extra-large tank.
The 5. 3-gallon toilet tank holds more than most other portable camping toilets, which means you’ll have to empty it less often. And wastewater tank level indication let you know when it’s time! Click here for detail and latest price


  • more water holding capability
  • least odor and no leakage
  • water rinse spray does well


  • The lid is pretty flimsy
  • seat is smaller for extra-large person

Camco Portable Toilet:

Camco’s portable toilet is designed for camping, RVing, boating or any other recreational activity. It is also highly used in an emergency on long car rides. Its sturdy polyethylene construction is compact and lightweight. The top half flush tank holds 2.5 gallons of fresh water and has a toilet with a lid, seat, and bowl. On top of the toilet, there is a cap that can be removed to fill the flush tank with clean water. Click here for detail information and latest price


  • Compact and light-weight
  • smart flush mechanism
  • both adult and child can use


  • There is no objections for the portable toilet!

Camco Bucket:

Camco Bucket Toilet is another most famous camping toilet that is easy to clean and light-weight. The five-gallon bucket comes with a seat and lid attachment that snaps securely onto the rim of the bucket. The bucket has a smooth interior, making it easy to empty and clean. It is lightweight and the bucket features an attached carry handle. Lid and seat are made of durable, UV-resistant polypropylene. Click here for detail information and latest price


  • light-weight and easy carrying
  • cost effective and suitable for camping
  • easy to empty and clean


  • composting waste management. No auto flushing available

Vingli Portable Toilet:

Vingli Portable Toilet is an updated portable toilet that provides 5.3-gallon detachable holding tank; 3-gallon flush tank; provide 95 to 98 times effective flushes in a flat state. Splash-free rotating pour spout allows you to empty it quickly without splashing.
Made of high-density polyethylene, it features anti-leakage. Sealing value prevents the waste from leaking and giving off a smell. Liquid chemicals can be put into a freshwater tank for aromatic air. Click here for detail information and latest price


  • easy to dump easy to clean
  • no smell
  • carry bag is handy
  • Perfect size and works exactly


  • bowl size is perfect for women but little bit narrow for man sometimes.

Reliance Portable Toilet:

Reliance Portable Toilet is famous for its portability, light-eight and eco-friendly mechanism. Designed for camping and boating; a five-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects. Hassock portable toilet includes a free sample of Bio-Blue. Click here for detail information and latest price


  • inner splash cover and toilet paper holder
  • 5 years warranty
  • Removable inner bucket for waste disposal


  • There is no objection for this smart product!

Vingli Multi-purpose Toilet:

The Vingli multi-purpose portable toilet is very useful for group camping.
There is a 5-gallon self-contained tank that provides fresh water for washing hands and food. Made of eco-friendly food grade material, drinking water is allowed for storage. Built-in handles and carrying bag make the transportation much easier. No installation is needed for the toilet. No tools are needed for the installation of the sink. Click here for detail information and latest price


  • No External Water or Power Connections Required 
  • Flexible wheels, detachable washbasin and stand, portable and easy to carry
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble, no tools required


  • Little bit expensive
  • Basin is a little bit small

Thetford Portable Toilet:

The Thetford Portable toilet is the Award-winning, top-of-the-line portable toilet, suited for RVs, boats, trucks, vans, healthcare, medical, camping, and even off-the-grid lifestyle, with a 4 gallons fresh water tank capacity and a 5.5 gallons waste water capacity. Easy to use and clean, Curve has an ergonomic carrying handle, an integrated toilet paper holder, and a tank level indicator. Truckers love this Porta Potti too because it’s safe and convenient in a sleeper cab Click here for detail information and latest price


  • integrated toilet paper holder
  • tank level indicator
  • convenient in truck and sleeper cab


  • You have to change battery when it need recharged one

Dometic Portable Toilet:

Dometic Portable Toilet is famous for
durable design and high-density polyethylene construction. It is easy to keep clean; looks new for years. Comfortable! Dometic Sealand 301097206 Portable Toilet features an Adult-size seat and lid provide comfort and safety; side latches lock firmly for added safety. Sleek style, high-strength plastic portable toilet. Self-contained 2.6-gallon holding tank. Powerful push-button pressurized flush. Full-size seat for comfort; latching lid for secure travel Easy-view prismatic tank level indicator. Click here for detail information and latest price


  • portable and convenient lightweight that is perfect for small vehicle and tent
  • Highly durable and easy to clean
  • having very low unit is good because it has to fit under a small bench in my pop-up camper


  • does not include the brackets for floor mounting
  • no indicator for the freshwater level

Leader Portable Toilet:

Leader Portable Toilet is suitable for camping, hiking, boating, traveling and other indoor and outdoor activities. The flushes and rinses bowl with its fresh water reserve can wash quickly and stay clean. Click here for detail information and latest price


  • 4 designs available
  • Convenient cleaning, 3 Way Pistol Flush make the toilet clean
  • Pour out the waste easy than other, swivel the tube, and then can pour out the waste


  • Sit dimension is a little bit flat
  • wight is a little bit more

Rothco Portable Toilet:

Rothco is the foremost famous for the military, tactical, survival and outdoor use.
It’s great and folds down flat. It is sturdy. The portable toilet is cost-effective and used worldwide. Click here for detail information and latest price


  • less expensive
  • easy to move
  • easy to fold
  • anyone can use


  • waste has to manage manually
  • no auto flush and chemical

What to Consider before Buying a Portable Toilet for Camping

There lots of designs that have numerous facilities. Portable toilets are designed for various purpose. Some of the portable toilets are made for elderly and disabled person, some for pregnant woman and some for kids also. For the camping purpose, you should consider those things before buying a portable toilet:

Portability: portability is the most basic precondition for buying a portable toilet for camping. Because, as a camper, you can’t carry a heavy-weight toilet here and there. Before buying a portable toilet for camping, make sure that you pick the best one that has modern facilities but light-weight. Generally, the portable toilets made of specialized polyethylene are light-weight. And of course, a suitable handle and useful bag should be there to carry easily.

Flushing Mechanism: Flushing mechanism is also an important consideration before buying a portable toilet for camping. A unique portable toilet has justified flushing mechanism. But it depends on the price. There are types in flushing: piston, auto, and manual. Generally, piston type mechanism avails a piston to flush. Auto provides a switch to press a flush and manual means you don’t need to flush but you have to hold the waste it in the built-in packet. After some time you have to discharge it manually.

Odor and Waste Disposal: Odor is the general concern for a camping toilet. Some of the portable toilets prevail such mechanism that doesn’t any odor at all. There and double seal to prevent odor. Sometimes you may find odor but it’s exceptional and caused by leakage. Thetford and Dometic are mostly suggested for the odor-free toilet.

Size: size it also an important matter. If you take it for your personal use only, you can pick a size best suits for you. If you take it for a group camping, you should pick standard size so that everyone can balance with it.

types: before buying a portable toilet for camping, you have to be clear about the type of portable toilet. Because types determine some issue. For example, a chemical portable toilet has own mechanism to control the odor.
If you don’t have a disposal place near the campsite and are planning to stay there for a few days, the chemical portable toilet is perfect for you. Another type is bucket or bag toilet. This one easy to use, cheap and easy carrying but you need to dispose of after every use. And the RV toilets are those generally work with an incinerator that will literally turn the waste into biodegradable mud. There are toilets also that simply use strong chemicals to make the compost dry much faster. It all depends on the brand that you are intending to purchase.

How to Maintain and Clean a Camping Portable Toilet?

Maintaining and cleaning a camping portable toilet is super easy task. Just follow the instruction you are provided when buying. The general instructions are those:

Chemical use: basically the chemicals provided in the portable toilet has tow purpose, waste treating and cleaning the fresh waste. Make sure that you are using the proper chemical in proper area.

Disposal: Don’t forget to dispose of your toilet after the exact period. It depends on the capacity of your toilet. There is a separate tray in the toilet to turn out and dump the waste into the authorized area. After the disposal, don’t forget to refill the water tank. Always use gloves.

The FAQ for Buying a Portable Camping Toilet

Q: can a camping portable camping toilet be used in home?

A: Yes, you can use a portable camping toilet in the home returning from camping.

Q: is a portable toilet hygienic?

A: Yes, a portable toilet is hygienic. According to the American Preventive Medicine Society, a portable toilet can reduce 80% probability of attacking by contagious diseases in traveling and camping.

Q: where should I place the portable camping toilet?

A: you can place a portable toilet anywhere that best suits. When you remains on the truck, put it behind the sit and make sure it doesn’t shake. In the tent, you can put it outside. For bucket toilet, put is inside the bag.

(If you have any question, please comment below)

Tips and Tricks

Privacy: You are traveling with your family. There are adult male and female with you. You must be a concern for the privacy issue. In such a case, you can take a privacy tent. It’s very useful when you are going to change your dress and bath.

Camping Shower: In camping, being a camper not means having an elbow grease. A fresh shower can bring a fresh mode. You can pick a camping shower. It’s less expensive! You can also make it at home!

Potty for toddlers: Your child also needs healthy toileting. To ensure it, you can take a potty chair for toddlers. It’s just an additional seat you can put over the portable toilet so that your child can do her business easily.

Final Words

A portable toilet is a blessing in camping. It ensures safety, hygiene. Just you need to pick the best one. In the article, we tried to help you to find the best portable camping toilet. If you pick from those top 10 best portable camping toilet review, we hope you will get what you are looking for!

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